Single Cover: ‘Beautiful People’

With his Urban single ‘Look At Me Now’ being released to itunes this week, the song is currently at number 3 on itunes, Chris Brown has released the artwork for his next top 40 single ‘Beautiful People’.

If you read my review of the song you would know that I’m not a huge fan of it, and weeks later I feel the same way. It’s too boring and bland for my taste, but I love the album artwork.

Visually I Chris is usually compelling with his artwork. It always has some type of graffiti involved. I just like the Continue reading

Chris Brown Announces Album Release Date

After releasing a few mixtapes, and serving up the Number 1 R&B smash ‘Dueces’, Chris is ready to release his fourth album F.A.M.E.

the album is preceeded by the singles ‘Yeah x3‘, ‘Look At Me Now‘, and newest song ‘Beautiful People‘.

The album is shaping up to be a good one with tons of big names attached to the project, and today Chris announced that it will be released on……
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‘Beautiful People’ – Chris Brown

Rating: C

This is a good season for Chris Brown fans, with two new songs debuting this month alone. The latest offering from Chris is the Benny Benassi produced ‘Beautiful People’, the next song to be lifted from his album F.A.M.E.

‘Beautiful People’ is clearly catered from top 40 radio and the clubs, which makes sense since ‘Look At Me Now’ boast a more Urban sound. With multiple singles prior to the albums release, it looks like Browns team is doing everything in their power to ensure that the albums a hit.

Reading that the song was produced Benassi intrigued me before I listened to the song. Teaming up with a well known dance produced like Benassi should’ve worked to Browns advantage, but sadly it does not.
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‘Look At Me Now’ – Chris Brown feat. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne

Rating: A

I’ve been meaning to post this song, but time has gotten the best of me. Even after the success of ‘Deuces’, Chris Brown is still left with the task of fixing her career. Thankfully he has decided to put all focus in the music, which is inevitably the only way for him to regain his popularity.
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Remix: ‘Deuces’- Chris Brown feat. Drake, T.I., Kanye West, Fabulous, and Andre 3000 (Poll Included Below)

Rating: B

Its clearly evident that Chris Brown is trying to come back harder than ever before. This remix is going to help him out a lot since R&B radio has been the first to welcome him back to the airwaves. While ‘Yeah x3’ begins to spin on pop stations Chris is aiming to milk the ‘Deuces’ cow for all its worth. The line-up alone on this remix is highly impressive, and one would think that that it would be a mind blowing remix, but it fails to impress.

Each rapper does their own thing, but Drake has the best verse. I was excited to see Andre 3000 on the track because he always delivers, but he missed this one. His voice sounds too distorted and I’m not really favoring his flow on this track. Continue reading

‘Yeah x 3’- Chris Brown

Rating: B

After the unexpected success of mixtape cut ‘Deuces’, Chris Brown announced that he will be releasig his ew album ‘F.A.M.E.’ shortly. It looks like everyone is following Usher’s promotional plan, because Chris is set to release one single to the pop station and another to the R&B stations. ‘Yeah x3’ is the first single that will be serviced to the pop stations. The euro-pop track sounds exactly like everything else today, but may help the draw the dance floor back to his music.
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‘Deuces’- Chris Brown feat. Tyga & Kevin McCall

Rating: A-

I am far from a Chris Brown fan. Personally, I never liked his voice, so it was hard for me to ever get into his music because I felt like he is always straining to hit high notes. I always like reviewing songs from artist that I like and dislike because it means that the blog won’t favor certain artist over other; just favor good music.

‘Deuces’ is the first single that Chris Brown has released since his third album disaster ‘Graffiti’. Kevin McCall, who is also featured in the song, produced the breakup song. I don’t really know too much about McCall except that he produced most of Chris Brown and Tyga’s mixtape, ‘Fan of a Fan’. The synth lead beat has a tribal feel with the chanting women, setting a mood for the grim subject of the song. As a fairly unknown producer and rapper this song may very well set his career off with its clever production.

Tyga has been gaining a lot of hype lately, which is good since his first album did not do too well. He already has a promising career ahead of him, considering that fact he is only 20 years old and part of raps biggest label right now. Being on a track that is not only selling well digitally, but also blowing up on the radio is a step in the right direction. Tyga is also proving that his rapping gets better with each track. He must be taking notes from Lil’ Wayne and Drake, because his rhymes are becoming more creative in every track that he does. With his debut album expected before the end of the year ‘Deuces’ will be a nice stepping-stone to launch his promotion.

The major flaw of ‘Deuces’ is the uncanny similarity that the beat has with Rihanna’s ‘Te Amo’. The synth lines are basically identical, but I have a feeling that this was done for a reason. Considering that the song is a break up song and that Brown and Rihanna’s relationship unraveled before the nations eyes, it would be far fetched to assume that this was done on purpose. Surprisingly Chris owns the song vocally, using his range properly. His background vocals during the rap verses are so haunting that it makes the song more emotional and mournful, making it a raw, believable performance. Even when he sings in his higher octave during the songs last chorus, it sounds natural making the song a good easy listen. I always felt that Chris was trying to prove himself in his older songs, so it is nice to see that he does not need to prove his vocal skills anymore.

There is no denying that Chris can write a good song (look at ‘Disturbia’ or ‘With You’), and this is where his true talent has always lied. He was able to make ‘Deuces’ a true breakup song by blending both a catchy hook with an emotional subject, without compromising either. The song seems to be sitting well with audiences and seems to be Chris’s true comeback since his domestic violence incident. It has already reached number 2 on the Hip-Hop/R&B chart and 29 on the Hot 100. Being out for barley two month I’m sure ‘Deuces’ will only gain momentum each week and could possibly be Brown’s first top ten since 2008. If Chris’s fourth album, which is scheduled to drop in early 2011, sounds anything like ‘Deuces’ he may be able to not only win the ears of his listeners back, but also expand his career and creativity pushing himself further in the right direction.

*Just so you can hear the similarities I will put up ‘Te Amo’ as well*

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