Album Review: ‘Basic Instinct’

I honestly believe that Ciara’s talent is underrated. After bursting onto the scene with her 2004 hit ‘Goodies’, Ciara took over the radio with her debut album, followed by successful second album ‘The Evolution’. Ciara’s showmanship and singing began to steadily improve leading up to third album ‘Fantasy Ride’, but somewhere everything fell apart.

‘Fantasy Ride’ was actually a strong album, but I believe the main problem was in the promotion. ‘Love, Sex, & Magic’ was a top 10 single, and while the first week sales of the album were low, another single could have saved them. Yet, whatever the reason, everything was dropped on the project Continue reading

Ciara Proves Her Worth

With her second live performance of the week Ciara decided to remind everyone that she is one of the top performers out right now. I was not planning on posting this performance because I assumed that it would be identical to the Ellen performance, but Ciara outdid herself with this one.

Again there was another strong display of vocals, something that is not typically associated with Ciara. There are very few Continue reading

Performance Corner: Ciara

Better late than never- Ciara finally has began to promote her album ‘Basic Instinct’ this week with her first televised performance of her single ‘Gimmer Dat’.

Without a shadow of a doubt Ciara killed this performance. She was never one to have strong voice, but her vocals have improved greatly since her ‘Fantasy Ride’ era. Normally Ciara sing-talks her way through songs, not actually singing especially when it’s during an upbeat song.

Vocally she was one key the whole time, and she didn’t even have background singers, which is pretty risky, but she really held her own.
Continue reading

How Much: ‘Basic Instinct’

It seems like Ciara announced her fourth album ‘Basic Instinct’ a decade ago, but today is finally the day that the album drops.

I can’t decide if the road to release has been worse for ‘Fantasy Ride’ , her last album, or ‘Basic Instinct’, but regardless it’s safe to say that Ciara has seen her fair share of struggles these past few albums. Between album leaks, and lack of promotion I really don’t know how the future of Ciara’s career, let album ‘Basic Instinct’ will end up.

Reviews for the album have been largely mixed, but many boast about Ciara’s lure as an artist. Ciara has everything it Continue reading

‘Gimme Dat’ Remix

I realized this morning that Ciara’s fourth album, ‘Basic Instinct’, is due in only 3 days. Considering the lack of presence on both the stage and the charts I don’t know how well the album is going to do it’s first week.

Two weeks ago I heard the official remix to her single ‘Gimme Dat’. Originally I had no intention of posting the track because I thought that it was a sad attempt to gain some last Continue reading

Album Preview: ‘Basic Instinct’

After a few mishaps Ciara is gearing up to finally release her fourth album ‘Basic Instinct’ on December 14th. (Just an interesting note, isn’t it odd that both Ciara and Diddy-Dirty Money are releasing their insanely delayed albums on the same day?)

‘Ride’ was released as the first single back in April. The song hit big on the R&B chart peaking at number 3, but the album was pushed back from its August release date to ensure stronger sales.

Months later and Ciara has failed to gain another hit from the record. ‘Speechless’ failed to catch on and ‘Gimmer Dat’ has Continue reading

‘Gimme Dat’ Hit…

With ‘Gimme Dat’ leaking a day early Ciaras team, once again, has to deal with the aftermath. In today’s industry no one is safe against early leaks, and recently music vidoes have been dropping early like wild fire. Last month Rihanna’s video for ‘Who’s That Chick’ dropped almost two months before the release date. Ciara is quite familiar with leaks. Almost all of her last album ‘Fantasy Ride’ leaked months in advance, and there have even some leaks for ‘Basic Instinct’. Her latest problem occurred today when her video ‘Gimme Dat’ leaked one day before it’s release day. With all of these leaks I am wondering how this will affect Ciaras new album and her chance Continue reading

Remix: ‘Deuces’- Ciara

Even though her ‘Basic Instinct’ single are still trying to fit in radio playlist (‘Speechless’ is at number 76 on the R&B chart), Ciara has continually dropped remixes from her Basic Instict Mixtape. Even though she is not ruling the airwaves, you can’t knock her down for continually putting her name out there.

Less than a week after the official ‘Deuces’ remix, Ciara released a female version. She keeps the same flow and some of the same lyrics as the original, but add her own attitude to the track. She sounds great over the beat, and Continue reading

‘Speechless’- Ciara

Rating: A

With no release date in sight, Ciara’s fourth album, ‘Basic Instinct’, was looking a little uncertain for a while. A few weeks ago I reviewed her recent smash ‘Gimme Dat’, which has since been serviced to the radio and is doing quite well. It looks like Ciara’s team has finally gotten their act together and decided to release dual-singles before the album drops. While ‘Gimme Dat’ is being serviced to Top 40 radio the radio R&B stations will be graced with the mid tempo ‘Speechless’. This is a great idea because it worked for Usher’s last album, which proved to bring strong sales for him. I’m sure her team is hoping for the same outcome.

‘Speechless’ is the best mid-tempo song that Ciara has released to date. The song was produced and written by The-Dream and Tricky Stewart. They seem to have left their comfort zone with this song because it does not sound like anything they have produced in the past. The horn lead beat runs smoothly against the bass line and claps. This sounds like a song that could have been on Ciara’s debut album, which is not surprising since she has stated that this album would return to her roots. The beat is very much an urban anthem, and proves to be the exact switch up that Ciara needed. With hard beats like ‘Ride’ and ‘Gimmer Dat’ Ciara needed to have a song that was both soft yet gritty.

Ciara has one of the weakest voices in the industry today but she does not let it bring her down. ‘Speechless’ shows her voice off very modestly, display both her range and ability to connect emotional with the song. Her harmonies at 2.54 in the song sound awesome, and she seems to have more confidence when singing in her high register. Her top 10 hit ‘Love, Sex, and Magic’ displayed weak high vocals that did not sound as good as they should of. Ciara seems to have found a key that works well with her voice.

I’ve said it before but I will continue to say it, it is important for an artist to show growth both vocally and musically on every album. If you continue to sound that same than you will lose your audience. Ciara may not be one of the driving forces in music right now, but she has consistently tried different things on each of her albums and pushed herself vocally. ‘Speechless’ fits both Ciara’s image and sound, yet sounds fresh and new for her. I was nervous when she announced that she was returning to the sounds of her first album, because that was released back in 2004. Music has changed since then, but Ciara proved that she knows what she is doing. ‘Speechless’ is an updated version of the southern slow jam. She is not only evolving herself, but also evolving the music she became famous for.

‘Speechless’ is not one of those tracks that you will fall in love with at first listen, which is better off. Songs that grow on their audience have more staying power on the charts, but do take longer to reach their peak. The “I-I-I-I-I-I’m speechless” line may be annoying to some listeners at first, but most hooks are annoying; that what makes them so addictive. The song should do quite well on the R&B charts. It has gotten a lot of radio play without being officially released, so I could see this going to number 1. I hope for Ciara’s sake that I’m right. A number 1 single could save her career right now. With two singles out, each getting the video treatment, it appears that Ciara is doing all that she can to make sure ‘Basic Instinct” is a success. If she continues to release songs like this I’m sure she will fair just fine.

‘Gimme Dat’ Ciara

Rating: A+

Ciara flopped big time last year when her third album ‘Fantasy Ride’ failed to make a big impact on the charts. Even with three singles (one of which was a top 10 hit) the album fell off the Billboard 200 faster than it arrived. So Ciara went back into studio to record her fourth album in hope of regaining popularity and success. ‘Basic Instinct’ is scheduled to be released in October and is seeking to bring Ciara back to her roots. First single ‘Ride’ has proven to be a success, reaching the top 5 on the R&B charts and 42 on the Billboard Top 100. Things are starting to look up for Ciara, and if she can release a solid second single this album should bring her back to the top.

Luckily Ciara’s second single is so good that it has the potential of becoming her fourth top 5 hit. ‘Gimme Dat’ has a heart-pounding beat that is sure to set radios and dance floors ablaze. Ciara is returning to the days where her music was made specifically for dancing. Hands down, Ciara is the best dancer of any performer out right now. It is brilliant for her to release a song where she could showcase her talent even more. The beat is so fast that it is hard to imagine what the video for the song will look like, but that’s where the appeal of the song lies; the beat. With its thumping bass and high-speed synths it’s impossible to listen to the song without moving.

It’s the perfect song to end the summer. Ciara’s voice works perfectly with the track because it showcases what she can do vocally. Her voice is weak to say the least, but she knows what she can and can’t do, which makes it work. Her attitude and confidence are strong on the track, making it a solid listen. The song is also a good statement of where Ciara is at in her career. She has to ‘bring it back’ (it being her music), in order to return as one of the top contenders in music. I don’t see any reason why she can’t return to where she once was.

With the proper promotion I can foresee the song being a big hit for Ciara. With the surprising success of ‘Ride’ Ciara has established an honest interest back from the US audience. ‘Gimme Dat’ will just win them over. With a proper video and high profile performances the song could potentially become the anthem to the end of the summer. Lets hope that Ciara’s team puts the proper time and energy into this project to make ‘Basic Instinct’ the best possible album it can be.

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