Dirty Money Covers ‘Like A G6’

Diddy-Dirty Money are currently in the UK promoting their debut album ‘Last Train To Paris’. American artists usually do some awesome covers in many of the radio stations over seas, and the group decided to do their own rendition of the hit song ‘Like A G6’.

The cover of the song is actually good, with the girls adding their own flare to the song. As always, Dawns unique vocals stole the show, but the rest of the group sounded fine as well. It was a smart song to cover considering that it was a worldwide hit, something the group has yet to achieve.

With Diddy being the way he is though, they ‘upgraded’ the song to a G7,which is not a plane at all if you listen to the recording all the way through. Irony.
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Throwback: ‘Last Night’

I will admit that this isn’t much of a throwback, but with the Dirty Money album out this week it got me thinking about some of Diddy’s earlier projects.

I have never been a huge fan of Diddy mainly because I don’t like his rapping style, but the man does have an ear for good music, showcased by his 2007 hit ‘Last Night’.

The song was off of his number 1 album ‘Press Play’, and peaked at number 10 Continue reading

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