Chemistry is Everything

There is something to be said about the chemistry between an artist and their producer. When a producer and artist understand each other the results are phenomenal. They create a joint message through their work, and it’s something that shouldn’t be taken for granted, especially in this ‘fast food’ music industry.

I got to thinking about this when I was listening to Drakes newest offering ‘Marvin’s Room’. Continue reading

Video: ‘Moment 4 Life’

It only seems appropriate to post a music video after my earlier story. Nicki Minaj and Drake premiered the highly anticipated video to their song ‘Moment 4 Life’ tonight on MTV. The song is the fourth official single from Nicki’s debut album Pink Friday.

The clip follows Nicki in a fairy tale world, with her own Fairy Godmother and Prince. The video Nicki’s best to date, and the arrival of her alter-ego Martha as the Fairy Godmother was Continue reading

Drake and Florence Welsh Perform Together

Drake treated his UK fans to a huge treat when he brought out Florence Welsh, the lead singer of Florence+The Machine, to perform his song ‘Fireworks’.

As always Drake was fantastic on stage. He is one of the most vibrant rappers to watch perform. displaying his passion for music every time he’s on stage. I have to say that Florence Continue reading

2011 New Years Eve Performances:

I still can’t believe that it’s 2011, but in the words of Jay-Z ‘on to the next one’. Before we do that I want to quickly post a few of the performances that occurred last night. I already did a post on Nicki, and here are a few more that I wanted to highlight.

I have to mention Lil Wayne on his own though because he is really winning me over with ‘6 foot 7 foot’. Anyone who knows me knows that I was real skeptical of ‘Tha Carter IV’ and Continue reading

Drake Talks Second Album

Just fresh off of his Grammy nominations, Drake is slowly starting to reveal more about his sophomore album ‘Take Care’. MTV reports that Drake was a guest on Shade 45’s  morning show. He said-

“I’m really going back to the So Far Gone where, first of all, as much as the label and people are fighting me, I’m not doing 14 songs, ’cause it doesn’t give me enough. I want to do interludes, transitions and different moments. I have an overabundance. I’ve never had this many raps.”

Going back to the sound on ‘So Far Gone’ is a good direction for Drake. That mixtape is what set him apart from all Continue reading

Rihanna Proves Herself Yet Again

Rihanna continues to prove her power and influence this week as ‘What’s My Name’ shoots to number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. This marks Rihanna’s 8th number 1 on the Hot 100 and her third this year. It really is hard to deny how big of a star she is considering that she has had 3 number 1 songs this year alone.

So far both of Rihanna’s singles from ‘Loud’ have been in the top 3, which is much better than her first two singles from ‘Rated R’. While ‘Only Girl’ is a decent song, ‘What’s My Name’ is one of the best singles from Rihanna career. It’s a song that I could only hear her doing, and that makes it success all the more great. Continue reading

The Vault: ‘Shut It Down’- Drake

Rating: A+

If this is released as a single then I’m going to have to take it out of The Vault, but it has yet to be released so it belongs here for now. ‘Shut It Down’ was originally rumored to be the first single from Drakes debut album ‘Thank Me Later’. While Drakes album is full of hits this is by far his best song he has done to date.

The slow-jam proves itself to be the most R&B influenced song on the album. Written by both Drake and The-Dream the song is the slowest that we have heard from Drake thus far, yet could actually be the most exciting.

I’m glad that the song was pushed from being the lead Continue reading

‘I Get Lonely Too’- Drake

Rating: C+/B-

I have to commend Drake for not becoming conformable in his current star position. As most artist know, its faster to fall from the top than to get there, and Drake dedication to stay there is noteworthy. Less than five months from the release of his debut album ‘Thank Me Later’, Drake is gearing up to release his new mixtape. ‘It’s Never Enough’ will take a look at the R&B side of Drake, which is why his first single pays homage to one of the most successful female R&B groups of all time. Continue reading

Remix: ‘Deuces’- Chris Brown feat. Drake, T.I., Kanye West, Fabulous, and Andre 3000 (Poll Included Below)

Rating: B

Its clearly evident that Chris Brown is trying to come back harder than ever before. This remix is going to help him out a lot since R&B radio has been the first to welcome him back to the airwaves. While ‘Yeah x3’ begins to spin on pop stations Chris is aiming to milk the ‘Deuces’ cow for all its worth. The line-up alone on this remix is highly impressive, and one would think that that it would be a mind blowing remix, but it fails to impress.

Each rapper does their own thing, but Drake has the best verse. I was excited to see Andre 3000 on the track because he always delivers, but he missed this one. His voice sounds too distorted and I’m not really favoring his flow on this track. Continue reading

Performance Corner: ‘Karaoke’- Drake

Drake performed this past week at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, and brought everyone imaginable out for the show. Some fan footage has been put onto youtube, and originally I was going to post his collaboration with Jay-Z , ‘Light Up’, but I found something that I believe to be better.

‘Karaoke’ was a slow burner for me. Drakes album was full of so many songs that I overlooked ‘Karaoke’ when I first got the album. As time went on the song started to make an impact on me. Currently it is one of my favorite tracks from the album, and I had to watch the performance from Continue reading

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