Recovery Sells 1,000,000 Digital Copies

Another milestone was passed in music today as Billboard reports that Eminem’s album Recovery, surpasses a million digital downloads. The album is the first to do so in the United States since digital album sales began to be tracked in 2005.

I was actually surprised to read that only 12 albums have ever sold over 500,000 digital copies. Physical singles sales have dwindled down to nothing thanks to digital singles, so  I assumed that more albums would be selling digitally.

This is another huge accolade for Eminem, who continues to impress with Recovery. The album really has only had two hits songs, yet it Continue reading

Single Cover: ‘I Need A Doctor’

Here is the official cover to the new Dr. Dre single ‘I Need A Doctor’ featuring. Skylar Grey and Eminem.

The track is set to be the 2nd official single to Dre’s new album Detox, which once again does not have an official release date. There is a rumor that this could be for a re-release for Recovery, but I’d only count that as gossip considering there has been no official word about a re-release.

An unfinished version of the track did leak last week, but Continue reading

Wayne and Eminem Rock SNL

Last night Eminem performed on SNL brining Lil Wayne along for the ride. The pair performed their hit single ‘No Love’ together, and then each performed their own songs during the second set.

Eminem performed the P!nk assisted ‘Won’t Back Down’, which made me wonder if the track will be released as the fourth single from ‘Recovery’. At this point Eminem could release anything from that album because it sold so much, but ‘Won’t Back Down’ might go over well being that it’s Continue reading

‘Love The Way You Lie (Part 2)’- Rihanna feat. Eminem

Eminem had the right idea when he asked Rihanna to sing the chorus on ‘Love The Way You Lie’. The song was a smash hit and is rumored to be a big hit at the Grammy’s this year.

Last year Alicia Keys decided to make a second version of her joint Jay-Z collaboration ‘Empire State of Mind’. The results were classic, and really added to Alicia’s album (which was lacking aside from a few songs).

Rihanna must have been inspired because she decided to do a second version of ‘Love The Way You Lie’. My only complaint about the original version was the fact that Continue reading

VMA: ‘Not Afraid’- Eminem

Rating: A-

Eminem has experience one of the biggest comebacks of the past few years with two number 1 singles and an album that will most likely become the years biggest seller. A nomination for video of the year is just another nod to Eminems success and artistry. The video for his first single ‘Not Afraid’ is one of Em’s best to date. He has made himself known for joking around in many of his videos (‘Just Lose It’, ‘We Made You’), often depicting troubled celebrities in comical situations. Both of the videos off of his ‘Recovery’ album have seen Eminem in a more serious role, reflecting both the subject manner and lyrics of his songs in true music video form.

‘Not Afraid’ was meant to bring Eminem back to his original rapping style; accent free and fearless of criticism. The video follows him to the end of the earth where he overcomes his fears proving that he will not go anywhere no matter what the situation. The first shot of the video shows Em standing on the ledge of a building looking over New York City fearlessly. The video may not be representing a deep meaning, but unlike Lady Gaga Eminem realizes that not everything needs to be overdramatized. I also enjoyed the fact that the video only follows Eminem, because the song is a statement of his personal artistic journey.

The best part of the video is actually the way it was shot. Compared to the videos from his previous albums, ‘Not Afraid’ has movie quality filming. The effects used during the flying sequence take away from the corniness of his superpowers. The idea of him being a superhero could have ruined the video, but it surprisingly works. He took a story and fit it into a 4 minute video making it worthy of the video of the year nomination.

Eminem is a favorite at the VMA’s, receiving a nomination for every year he had a video out. This is the first video that is actually worthy of receiving awards. The video for ‘Love The Way You Lie’ was just as good, proving that Eminem is coming into his own as a music video artist. Hopefully he can continue this streak and make more visually pleasing videos.

‘Not Afraid’ Eminem

Rating: B
Eminem needs no introduction so I am not going to even attempt to try. After last years ‘Relapse’ Em is back with a new album dropping in June. Originally titled ‘Relapse 2’, ‘Recovery’ is aiming to bring Eminem back to the top of the rap game because his last CD did the opposite, and he knows it. Em is off to an amazing start with this album because first single ‘Not Afraid’ will debut tomorrow at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. (Thankfully someone knocked ‘OMG’ off quickly!) This is the 16th song in history to debut on the chart at number 1, so this is a big deal for Em. The song itself is not his best, but it is the best that we have seen from him in a while. Originally I was giving the song a B-, but my mind has changed while writing the review. It deserves a B because Em is baring himself in the song. He touches on a lot of topics including his sobriety and his last CD, which he admits was not good and that he used that annoying accent in to many songs. I’m glad to know that he is an artist who is honest about there work and humble enough to admit that he made a mistake. ‘Not Afraid’ reminds us why we Eminem is a good rapper. The song was produced by Boi-1da, who has been making some noise with Drake lately. The beat is insanely simple, so I won’t even comment on it, but I think thats done for a reason. As the listener we are only meant to focus on the lyrics and not be distracted by anything else, and since Em is a good lyricist that song is enjoyable. I have one major complaint with the song and thats the bridge. Em has been known to sing in many of his songs (ex. ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’) and that works fine in the chorus but he over does it on the bridge. There are too many harmonies and it just sounds annoying. The chorus becomes better with each listen of the song, even though I originally did not like it. Still, I can’t get over that bridge even after listening to the song over and over. That being said the rest of the song is fine. It restores the faith I lost when hearing ‘Relapse’. I hope that he never goes back to rapping in that Indian accent. I am convinced that the singles from this album will only get better. I think that he released this song to restore hope in his fans, and that he will really impress on the next song. With another number 1 single already, ‘Recovery” is setting itself up for major sales. The real question is whether or not the song will stay in the top ten. The song sold 380,000 digital copies this week, which is why it debuted at number one. The song has already fell from the top spot on itunes, but is receiving a lot of airplay. Katy Perry’s horrible single ‘California Gurls’ could knock Em out of the top spot next week if it also has strong digital sales. We’ll only have to wait and see how the week pans out, either way Em should enjoy his current victory.

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