Release Dates Galor

This week has brought the announcements of a few excited release dates. We’ll start first with Wiz Khalifa.

The rapper went to ustream to announce both his album title and release date. Rolling Papers is set to be released on March 29th. Following the success of ‘Black and Yellow’, Wiz should have a nice welcoming when his albums drops.

Speaking of ‘Black and Yellow’, the track sold 201,000 copies this Continue reading


Video: ‘We Can Do It Now’

I had to post the video for ‘We Can Do It Now’ because it had so many good shots of Chicago. While the video is simple it is quite effective, making it a proper representation of both basketball and Chi-Town.

The video for ‘Empire State of Mind’ was so great because it Continue reading

‘We Can Do It Now’- Lupe Fiasco, Jennifer Hudson & Common

Rating: B

‘Empire State of Mind’ was such an epic collaboration because you had two of the biggest names from New York on a track together. ‘We Can Do It Now’ put Chicagoans Lupe Fiasco, Jennifer Hudson, and Common on an track dedicated to their hometown. To top it all off up-coming Chicago producer No I.D. produced the track, making it an official city affair. Created for the Gatorade documentary, the artists collaborated to create the musical backdrop for the film. The fact that I’m currently living in this great city left me no other choice than to cover the song.

The song is a testament to an inspirational Chicago mentality. The beat is perfect crafted to reflect the city. The blue inspired guitar in the beginning reminisces the blues legacy of the city, while Jennifer nails her vocal performance. Directly following the beat adds heart-thumping drums over the guitar. I wish No I.D. took out the Continue reading

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