Song of the Moment: ‘Mr.Rager’

I was always intrigued by the idea of title tracks. Choosing an album title is a pretty epic task because it essentially goes down in history. The title of an album determines what people will always refer to, for better or worse. A good title should represent the album as a whole. Its the message the artist wants to portray.

The idea that an artist could name an album after one of the tracks, or create a track based off of the title is intense. The song should be a statement of the album as a whole. Naturally if I see a title track is listen to it first. Even if it is last on the tracklist I like to hear the song that I assume to be most important to the artist. Continue reading


How Much?: Kid Cudi

I decided to start something new on the blog called the ‘How Much?’ series. With so much speculation about the first sales of albums, I thought it would be interesting to give my predictions and see what you all thought as well.

With Kid Cudi’s second album receiving such rave reviews from the critics I though he might be interesting to start with.

Kid Cudi’s music is raw and revealing, with music of his music being about his wars with both his dark side and drugs. ‘Man on the Moon II:The Legend of Mr. Rager’ is mainly about Cudi’s addictions and lost sense of self. The album explicitly runs through his mind and has features such as Kanye West Continue reading

‘Erase Me’ -Kid Cudi feat. Kanye West

Rating: B

Kid Cudi’s first album is one of my top five favorite of all time. I never understood why Kid Cudi is labeled as a rapper because he is so much more than that. He explores so many different sounds that its hard to label him as anything but alternative. Cudi seems air his dirty laundry out, and allows his fans to see into his head with his music. As a┬áprotege of Kanye West, Cudi follows in his footsteps by being daring and creative in every aspect of his artistry. He is one of the most interesting and talent artist out right now.

‘Erase Me’ is the first official single from his sophomore album, and has a rock-pop sound to it. Rather than rapping Cudi sings on the whole track and lets him mentor Kanye West drop a few bars towards the end of the song. The song actually reminds me of 90’s rock, with melodic verse leading to pop chorus. It sounds like a song Weezer could get away recording. Maybe Weezer should because this is better than anything they have released the past few years.

Since Cudi has no definite style or genre to his name the song works well on a number of levels. He doesn’t have an amazing voice, but its not bad either. His messy vocals work with both the subject and choppy sound of the song. The performance also comes off as being natural, which always plays a big factor in a songs success. Kanye also drops a nice verse, which only add to the songs appeal. I have never heard a song in which Kanye was the featured artist that I thought was bad. He has a way of making both himself and the lead artist look good, which is not an easy thing to do.

Overall, I think the song is good, but I know Cudi has better to come. ‘Erase Me’ serves the its purpose as a first single, making the public anticipate his album, but I am not sure how the song will do on the charts. Cudi has a strong following so I don’t think that it will cause a big problem. Hopefully his single will get progressively better so he can have another breakout hit like ‘Day N’ Night’.

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