‘Lasers’ Tracklist

Lupe Fiasco fans are getting closer and closer to the day they have fought for. With March 8th quickly approaching, Lupe Fiasco is gearing up to begin the promotional push for his third album Lasers.

On his official website Lupe announced the albums tracklist today. It’s been years since he has released an official album and I was surprised to see that Lasers has so many features on it. Not saying that it’s a bad thing, but I expected him to be running solo after being away for a while.

It looks like he has a strong Continue reading

Poll: ‘Lasers’ Artwork

Rap-Up posted the cover to Lupe Fiasco’s upcoming third album Lasers this morning. Normally, I don’t really notice an albums cover unless it’s either amazing or completely absurd. (Read this to find out what I mean). This cover would be in the amazing category.

In all honestly the cover of an album is like the cover of book, meaning people are going to judge it. Lupe has struck gold with making a simple, yet compelling cover thats sure to catch the eye.  Everything from the colors, to the A painted over the O of losers is just Continue reading

‘Never Forget You’- Lupe Fiasco feat. John Legend

Rating: B+

With his album finally on track, Lupe Fiasco is coming back harder than ever before. His last few songs have all been top notch, but it seems like Lupe is looking for commercial success with ‘Never Forget You’.

Th song starts out with John Legends beautifully sung chorus back by steady clapping and drum line. John Legend’s voice is perfect on this song, but if your not a fan of his voice than Continue reading

Video: ‘We Can Do It Now’

I had to post the video for ‘We Can Do It Now’ because it had so many good shots of Chicago. While the video is simple it is quite effective, making it a proper representation of both basketball and Chi-Town.

The video for ‘Empire State of Mind’ was so great because it Continue reading

‘We Can Do It Now’- Lupe Fiasco, Jennifer Hudson & Common

Rating: B

‘Empire State of Mind’ was such an epic collaboration because you had two of the biggest names from New York on a track together. ‘We Can Do It Now’ put Chicagoans Lupe Fiasco, Jennifer Hudson, and Common on an track dedicated to their hometown. To top it all off up-coming Chicago producer No I.D. produced the track, making it an official city affair. Created for the Gatorade documentary, the artists collaborated to create the musical backdrop for the film. The fact that I’m currently living in this great city left me no other choice than to cover the song.

The song is a testament to an inspirational Chicago mentality. The beat is perfect crafted to reflect the city. The blue inspired guitar in the beginning reminisces the blues legacy of the city, while Jennifer nails her vocal performance. Directly following the beat adds heart-thumping drums over the guitar. I wish No I.D. took out the Continue reading

‘Go To Sleep’- Lupe Fiasco

Rating: A-

The status of Lupe Fiasco’s next album has been in limbo for some time now. He has been having some major record label problem and it eventually got so bad that fans began to protest that his new album be released. Even though a concrete release date has not be released Lupe has been releasing music from time to time to hold his fans over. His latest offering, ‘Go To Sleep’, shows off Lupe’s performance ability and showmanship.

The piano and choir give the song a moody feel that sounded like a dream. The song was produced by 1500 or Nothin’, who has produced for Game and Asher Roth before. I could literally write the whole review about the beat because it’s so good. It give the song some serious swagger and pulls the listener in after the first few seconds. It also sounds different than most of songs that are out on the radio. Since America can’t get past the idea of dance music rappers have been incorporating main stream sounds into their music (T.I.). ‘Go To Sleep’ is a true rap song, with no intention of becoming a hit, yet it could easily become one because of it compelling production.

Lupe has always been one of my favorite rappers because I feel like he can literally make any song sound good. He has dabbled with mainstream music (‘Superstar’), big band flavored songs (‘Pressure’), and smooth rap (‘Paris, Tokyo’). I loved his vocal performance in ‘Go To Sleep’ because of the way he seems to drag his voice as if he is falling to sleep. Lupe is also a talent lyricist who likes to play with the way words sound. The song reminded me of Kid Cudi until Lupe started to rap in a way that I was not expecting. The combination of the beat and his vocals was hypnotizing. I have always considered Lupe and Cudi to be in the same lane as Kanye. All are very artistic and bring their passions for the arts into their music. All three of them having music that is lyrically, musically, and visually intriguing.

The only thing that I don’t like about the song is the chorus, but I still gave it a high review mark because of the song as a whole. Some songs don’t need a catchy hook, and I’ve always felt that most of Lupe’s song are in this category. Not to say that he can’t write a good chorus (because he can), but so much of mainstream music is focused on a catchy hook and Lupe focuses on the song experience as a whole. Like I’ve said before rap should be about lyrics and expression, not radio play.

‘Go to Sleep’ makes me yearn for Lupe’s third album even more. His sophomore album was built of the momentum of the first, so I am anxious to see what he will do this time around. He has yet to disappoint in his albums and features, so I have very high expectations. His record label is crazy to not give him the right to release his album. The public has been waiting long enough.

What do you think of Lupe and ‘Go to Sleep’?

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