Remix: ‘In For The Kill’- La Roux feat. Kanye West

After the success of their runaway single ‘Bulletproof’ Bristish band La Roux seems to be hoping for similar success by doing a remix of their song ‘In For The Kill’ with Kanye West. Kanye is no stranger to lending out his hand to help other artists, and for a smaller artist like La Roux, his prescence on the track should be veiwed as an honor. After hitting the top 10 on the pop charts La Roux has the potential of establishing themselves in the notorious American market. In theory, having a popular feature equates to a popular song, but I have my doubts about this.

I love the beat because Continue reading

Remix: ‘Deuces’- Ciara

Even though her ‘Basic Instinct’ single are still trying to fit in radio playlist (‘Speechless’ is at number 76 on the R&B chart), Ciara has continually dropped remixes from her Basic Instict Mixtape. Even though she is not ruling the airwaves, you can’t knock her down for continually putting her name out there.

Less than a week after the official ‘Deuces’ remix, Ciara released a female version. She keeps the same flow and some of the same lyrics as the original, but add her own attitude to the track. She sounds great over the beat, and Continue reading

Remix: ‘Holding You Down’- Jazmine Sullivan feat. Mary J Blige & Swizz Beatz

Even though the remix came out a few weeks ago I wanted to post it after doing the review of ’10 Seconds’. It was recently announced that Jazmine and Mary were going on tour together, which was the perfect reason to get them on a track together. In many ways Jazmine is a young Mary, singing from her soul, so putting the two of them on a track strengthens their similarities even more.

The remix is actual better than the original, and I think Continue reading

Remix: ‘Fancy’ Drake feat. Swizz Beatz & Mary J. Blige

During my coverage of the VMA’s I mentioned that Drake needed to let out a studio version of the ‘Fancy (Remix)’ that he performed live with Swizz Beats and Mary J. Blige. I was more than happy to find out the studio version today, and I hope that it gets added to radio playlist so ‘Fancy’ can gain even more airtime.

There are a few additions to the song, but it keeps the same feel and beat as the original. I love remixes that change the beat, but this remix did not need it. ‘Fancy’ was originally intended Continue reading

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