Tarik Tuesday-#2: ‘Ill and I know it’

Another Tuesday, another Tarik song. The next installment of Tarik Tuesdays is the new song ‘Ill and I know it’. The chorus heavy jam shows growth in melody for the rapper, with a hook that is sure to grab your attention! Following the same confidence found on ‘You Can’t See Me’, Tarik is making sure to prove his worth to fans and haters alike. Check the song out below with a link to the download. Remember that the first and third Tuesday of every month means a new Tarik song, only here @ Kicktheeardrum!
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Tarik Tuesdays- #1: ‘Can’t See Me’

Kicking off Tarik Tuesdays is the brash ‘Can’t See Me’. Building off of the momentum from his mixtape The Tryout, Tarik seems to have found new grounds for confidence, which he explicitly boast on ‘Can’t See Me’.

The song shows growth for the rapper, both in writing and style. The melody of the chorus is like that of ‘Hands to the Ceiling’; it’s very catchy and ready for the radio. It’s Tarik’s delivery though that makes the track even more addictive. Continue reading

A Few Words From Tarik:

Just when you thought he was off the radar Tarik strikes again. I am honored to be part of Tarik Tuesdays and am so thankfully that he asked me to be part of his career in this way.

Come back tonight 8pm Eastern Time/ 7 pm Central for the first installment of Tarik Tuesdays.

‘The Tryout’ Tracklist

After months of anticipation rapper Tarik is set to release his first mixtape next week!

Preceded by the singles ‘Bad Timing’, ‘Hands To The Ceiling’ and ‘Sunshine’, the mixtape is the first full length work from the rapper.

Tarik first started by remixing popular songs in preparation for the tape. After gaining a following he headed into the studio for hours on end to finally give the fans what they wanted- good music.

Take a look at the 15 song tracklist below: Continue reading

Song Premiere: ‘Alone Tonight’- Tarik

Tomorrow Tarik will make his stage debut performing his first live show St. Thomas Aquinas College Ramano Center. In celebration of the first of many milestones, Tarik wanted to treat all of his fans with another single from ‘The Tryout’.

‘Alone Tonight’ is the most revealing track that Tarik has released to date. Throwing his doubts and fears on the line, Tarik is giving listens a direct look inside of his mind. As always his lyrics are on point, and are easily Continue reading

Poll: Tarik Songs

With three singles released from his debut mixtape, I was wondering which Tarik song is your favorite. While Tarik has shown promise and talent on all three songs, he is still establishing himself as an artist. An artist needs to know the minds of their fans. With all three songs being so different it will be interesting to see which song will come out on top when the poll closes in two days. Take a vote in the poll below. Try to pick your favorite of the 3 rather than voting for them all. Listen and vote to the songs below: Continue reading

Song Premiere: ‘Sunshine’- Tarik

I am honored to have the ability to premiere another one of Tarik’s singles. ‘Sunshine’ is the third single from Tarik’s debut mixtape ‘The Tryout’. The tape currently has the tenative release date of November 1st , but an official announcement is expected to be made in the upcoming days. ‘Sunshine’ follows the singles ‘Bad Timing’ and ‘Hands To The Ceiling’, both meet with praise from the fans. While the previous singles had a clear rap sound, ‘Sunshine’ shows off a different side to Tarik with the track boasting a more R&B Continue reading

Single Premiere: ‘Hands To The Ceiling’- Tarik

After the overwhelmingly positive response of his first single ‘Bad Timing’, Tarik is releasing his second single less than a week later. ‘Hand To The Ceiling’ is a certified smash in every sense. From the ridiculous beat to the lyrical performance, the song delivers strongly. This could easy be the song to thrust Tarik from a mixtape artist.

Out of the preview I hear, this was one of the strongest track on the tape, so I am more than pleased premiere the single here first! Fill out the poll below on the song and give your feed back below: Continue reading

Single Premiere: ‘Bad Timing’- Tarik

Its finally here. The first official single from Tarik’s debut mixtape is titled ‘Bad Timing’ produced by Christopher Molfetas. This is the first offering from the mixtape and the first original track to be released from him.

Not only is there a new track, but to also a new promotional picture as well. Currently ‘The Try-Out’ is tentatively expected out by the end of the month. ‘Bad Timing’ should hold fans over until the mixtape hits the streets. Turn your speakers up and blast the song below:
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Preview: ‘The Tryout’- Tarik

With only days until the release of Tarik’s first official mixtape, I received the privilege to have a look into the up and coming rappers work. After putting his spin on popular songs, Tarik is coming out of the gate to prove that his is more than the average mixtape rapper. Unlike most mixtapes, which feature remixes of other rap songs, Taril has crafted his very own voice with all original work.

He is out to prove his place in the genre, and does so by showing listeners his multi-layered artistry. Here is your first inside look on the mixtape and some of the songs that it is going to include… Continue reading

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