Trey Songz Starts Fifth Album

Billboard reported today that Trey Songz has already began work in his fifth album, with plans to release it this year.

Trey said,

“I want to release an album this year. We’re starting in the studio now. I’m always thinking about music. I’m in the studio whenever I can be. I’m not pressed or in a rush to make an album right now, but I always have a need to make music.”

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Performance Corner: ‘Can’t Be Friends’

Trey Songz visited The View yesterday to perform his number 1 R&B song ‘Can’t Be Friends’. The song is still riding high on the R&B Song chart at number 1 for the past few weeks.

Trey is also experiencing a massive amount of success with ‘Bottoms Up’. Even though the song has been out since August, it is still in the top 10 on both itunes and the Hot 100, proving to be his biggest hit to date.
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Remix: ‘Here I Am’- Monica feat. Trey Songz

After the success of their recent tour, Monica has teamed up with Trey Songz for an official remix of her next single ‘Here I Am’. The song was originally slated to be the first single, but was bumped back twice for ‘Everything To Me’ and ‘Love Me All Over’. After two consecutive R&B top 5 hits, Monica is one of this years comeback stories. Her album, ‘Still Standing’, is one of the years best sellers, proving that she still has a strong amount of selling power to her name.

‘Here I Am’ was one of the standout tracks on the album, being both a fan and critic favorite. The song is penned by Ester Dean and produced by Polow Da Don. It is a smooth Continue reading

‘Can’t Be Friends’- Trey Songz

Rating: A

This is the strongest slow jam that Trey has released to date. Most of Trey’s songs are sex filled, but ‘Can’t Be Friends’ depicts a scarred relationship that has come to a crossroad. With the success of his last album ‘Ready’, Trey needed to prove that he could continue his winning streak, while growing as an artist. ‘Can’t Be Friends’ is a step in the right direction. Continue reading

The Victory Goes To…

This past week Linkin Park and Trey Songz battled out for the top spot on the Billboard 200. The results are in and they are closer than anyone could have imagined. Linkin Parks album ‘A Thousand Suns’ debuts at number 1 with 241,000 copies sold, according to Billboard. Trey Songz follows at number 2 with 240,000 copies of his album ‘Passion, Pain, and Pleasure’. With only 1,000 copies as the difference this was one of the tightest races of the year thus far.

Trey should be celebrating because this is a high honor for him. He is continually building on his debut weeks, with each album debuting higher than its processor in both sales and position. Even though ‘Bottoms Up’ has yet to hit the top 10 on the Hot 100, he still managed to pull out bigger numbers than most R&B acts out today. Linkin Park on the other hand has bitter sweet celebration.

Debuting at number 1 is a feat for any artist, but compared to the sales of their last album, Linkin Park should be worried about there relevancy. There last album debuted at number 1 with 623,000 copies sold. Like ‘A Thousand Suns’ there last album did not make a huge impact on the radio. There big number were off there name alone, but it seems that a lot has changed in three years.

Both albums are basically a quarter of becoming platinum. Linkin Park have hit platinum with all there albums, but Trey has not hold one yet. It will be interesting to see who will sell in the long run.

Who do you think will sell more in the upcoming months?

Performance Corner: Trey Songz

Since I mentioned the fact that Trey Songz went to 106 & Park yesterday to promote his new album, ‘Pain,Passion & Pleasure’, I though I would put the video up so you could see what it was like. Overall Trey is a decent performer, but he doesn’t have a terrible amount of showmanship. He needs to learn how to connect to the crowd as a whole, but he does know how to get the crowd involved. Still, this made me realize even more what a horrible song ‘Bottoms Up’ is without Nicki dropping her verse. His appearance is great promotion for his album. Check it out! What do you think of Trey?

Linkin or Songz?

As we speak the race to next weeks album chart is running. The main competition is between Linkin Park’s new album ‘A Thousand Suns’ and Trey Songz’ album ‘Pain, Passion & Pleasure’. A few weeks ago I would have said that Linkin Park would debut at number 1, since their last few albums all have, but Trey is giving the boys a serious run for their money which may leave them in the runner up slot.

According to Billboard Linkin Park is looking to sell anywhere betweens 250,000 to 260,000 copies, while Trey is on board to sell anywhere between 230,000 to 250,000 copies. Both are respectable numbers, but considering the fact that Linkin Park’s last album open with 623,000 copies these numbers are a serious problem. This is a scary indication of a poor music industry. Linkin Park has also seen a decline in popularity these past few year, with their main fan base becoming older. Still, it is never good for a band to drop in sales that much between their albums.

Trey on the other hand should be celebrating. His last album, ‘Ready’, open with 131,000 copies at number 3. Whether he debuts at number 1 or not, he will have a new peak in both sales and chart performance. Trey still has a major shot of hitting number 1. With his recent performance on 106 & Park being spread he should be looking at some major buys this weekend. His song ‘Bottoms Up’ also hit a new peak of 17 this week on the Hot 100 and 5 on the R&B chart. It would be huge for him to pull out and hit number 1.

The industry is so interesting these days; its amazing to watch the giants fall, while others rise. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top. My vote is realistically for Linkin Park, but I hope Trey beats them out.

What do you think will happen?

‘Bottoms Up’ Trey Songz feat. Nicki Minaj

Rating: B/B+

Trey Songz had a pretty good year, both chart and sales wise, and he is doing the smartest thing by releasing a new album only one year after his gold album ‘Ready’. ‘Bottoms Up’ is the first official single from Trey’s fourth album dropping in September. The song is nowhere near as good as his current single ‘Already Taken’, which is currently doing decently well on the R&B charts. This is a big moment in Trey’s career because of the popularity he has gained. He can either build on that with this new album or fizzle out. Everything during this era must be perfectly executed or it could end badly.

Generally an artist grows and expands with every album that they do. In my opinion this song is just ‘Say Aah’ part 2, which may not be bad since it was his first top ten single. Still, I wish I could see some growth from Trey. I know he is trying to capitalize on the songs that have made him famous, but you can only make so many party anthems before it gets old. The song itself has a jagged sound to it. The chorus is choppy, but not in a bad way. The song makes me think of a hip-hop marching band. As always Trey’s voice is on point. Some of the lyrics are borderline corny to say the least (“I could be you alcohol hero”), but Trey somehow makes it work.

The songs shining moment is Nicki Minaj though. I am impressed on how Nicki reinvents herself in every feature that she does. A lot of people judge her too harshly and do not give her the credit that she deserves. She dares to go beyond the expectations of a female rapper by adding her own twist of voices and accents to every verse she does. It may come off as weird but that’s the point. I just think it’s refreshing to have someone so interesting to listen to in rap again. I am not implying that she is the best rapper, but no one can come close her originality concerning her delivery. Trey’s smartest move was adding her on the track.

Overall I think the song will do fairly well, considering that both Trey and Nicki are rising stars only becoming more popular each day. I would not be surprised to see this song hit the top ten. I do wonder about the fate of Trey’s album though. If it is going to be filled with the same songs as ‘Ready’ he could be in trouble gaining creditability. Either way the song is an interesting listen to say the least so check it out!

‘Already Taken’ Trey Songz

Rating: A+

Trey Songz has had an amazing year with his third album, ‘Ready’ hitting gold as well as his single ‘Say Ahh’ hitting the top 10 being his first top ten on the Billboard Hot 100. He is the go to guy in R&B right now with artist such as Ludacris, Mary J Blige, Toni Braxton, and Amerie reaching out to him to help feature a song. With a breakout year like this Trey needs to put out some seriously good material with his fourth album due in September. Trey is a pretty hard worker because he is consistently letting out new music; Constantly remixing songs, creating mixtapes, and EP’s. Even though I normally do not review songs unless they are stated to be an offical single, ‘Already Taken’ is too good for me to pass up. ‘Already Taken’ is rumored to be the first single from Trey’s new album. The song already has gotten major radio play and hopefully will be announced as the first single because its top notch. The song was produced by Polow Da Don, and I think that this is his best work yet. The song is the perfect mix between modern day hip-hop and old school R&B. The melody is very traditional. The background vocals in the chorus are a perfect throw back of old school R&B. Yet, with all these traditional elements that song is very modern with the ‘Oh’s’ in the background and modern drum lead beat. Trey has an interesting voice because many of the notes that he hits can be a little strange but I personally think that his voice is great, especially when he harmonizes. Every now an then he can hit a note that sounds a little odd, but I think he leaves those notes in the song for the soul factor. There is no way a professional singer allows for an awkward note into their song unless there is a purpose for it being there. The best part of the song is the beat change where Trey sings “None of these chicks..”, when the beat transforms into an upbeat dance beat. I love when songs use a beat change to create a shock, it makes the song more interesting. Trey is one of those artist who does not need to dance because his music is so strong. I am not inferring that blending old and new sounds is something that has never been done before, but it is rare that its done well. So many artist say that they were inspired by old artist for a certain album or song and the material they release just sounds generic. It is great to see someone like Trey sticking to the roots that inspire his genre of music and not harming them while being contemporary. If he keeps releasing songs like this he will not only rule the R&B charts but he will rule the Top 100. With this hopefully as his first single, I’d say that Trey Songz is around to stay.

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