The Weeknd Fails Florence

The Weeknd has been gaining some serious attention these past few months with the releases of his free internet albums. So it comes as no surprise that artist would be running up to collaborate with the singer/producer/sometimes rapper.

Don’t get me wrong, The Weeknd is solidifying himself in a tough industry Continue reading


New Beyonce Single Decided

After weeks of uncertainty and rumors it seems that the Beyonce camp has finally decided on the fourth single from her latest album 4.

The single will following the moderate success of ‘Run The World (Girls)’ and ‘Best Thing I Never Had’. Different reports and pictures have been spreading across the web since August, each report claiming a different song.

To further the madness, Continue reading

Watch M@d Hause

Anxiously waiting for the new Beyonce video? Peep this in the meantime!

New York dance team M@d Hause recreates Beyonce’s ‘Move Ya Body’.

Find more M@d Hause on twitter, youtube, and facebook.

Usher Loses It

I’ve been worried about Usher for a while now. It’s hard for me to remember my musical journey without remembering Confessions, one of the finest R&B albums that I have ever heard. Usher became a megastar after Confessions dropped, adding more pressure for his next album.

It’s hard to comeback after a stellar album, I understand that and have seen it happen countless times. Usher’s next album, Here I Stand was met with weak reviews even Continue reading

‘We Found Love’ – Rihanna

This week marks the debut of the new Rihanna single “We Found Love”, the first offering from her upcoming sixth studio album due later this year. The single was produced by Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, who is currently charting worldwide with his Kelis collaboration “Bounce.”

With Loud only being out for 10 months, the premiere of “We Found Love” was unexpected for most, and was met with mix reactions.

I don’t really know how to start reviewing “We Found Love” because of the circumstances surrounding the song. “Cheers”, the seventh single from Loud, just advanced to number 8 this week on the Billboard Hot 100. Why would Def Jam begin a new album campaign when Loud Continue reading

Recovery Sells 1,000,000 Digital Copies

Another milestone was passed in music today as Billboard reports that Eminem’s album Recovery, surpasses a million digital downloads. The album is the first to do so in the United States since digital album sales began to be tracked in 2005.

I was actually surprised to read that only 12 albums have ever sold over 500,000 digital copies. Physical singles sales have dwindled down to nothing thanks to digital singles, so  I assumed that more albums would be selling digitally.

This is another huge accolade for Eminem, who continues to impress with Recovery. The album really has only had two hits songs, yet it Continue reading

Beyonce – 4

Beyonce needs no introduction, so I won’t even attempt to give her one. Her name alone is all that is needed, and for each person it means something else. Whether you love her or hate her there’s no denying her star power, something she relies a lot on in her new album 4.

Following the major success of I am….Sasha Fierce, Beyonce goes for a more toned down sound on 4. It proves to work on a few songs, but sounds forced on others.

The album opens with ‘1+1’, an emotional love song dripping with sensuality. It’s one of the most romantic songs she’s done to date, even though the lyrics are immature. Continue reading

Flashback: Michael Jackson

With this past week marking the two year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s passing, I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate this edition of Flashback to him.

The man reinvented pop, paving the way for every single solo artist that is out today. What makes his legacy even more impressive is that he relied on his God given talents to rise to fame, rather than gimmicks.

Everyone has their own Michael Jackson Continue reading

LOUD Tour: Cee-Lo Leaves/ Rihanna Down

Rihanna is currently on her summer LOUD Tour, which is receiving rave reviews and selling out arenas around the country. No tour is ever complete without a few bumps in the road though, and this week has brought a few.

First, Cee-Lo Green has pulled out of the tour unexpectedly according to Billboard via The New York Times. He claims that his commitment to The Voice, a new book, and a new album. Last week Green made headlines after having a public fight with a reporter who gave him a bad review. His spokesperson was quoted saying:

“He feels that he wouldn’t give his fans the show that they deserve.”

Continue reading

Is Frank Ocean R&B’s Next Trend?

It’s hard to define what a true R&B artist is anymore with artists easily blending pop melodies and hooks into their sound. Chris Brown for example is not an R&B artist. He’s a pop artist who knows how to crossover to receive airplay on the R&B stations. Same holds true for Rihanna, and I’d argue Beyonce. But, all are considered R&B acts in award shows like the Grammy’s or the BET awards.

But Frank Ocean is different.

Traditional R&B is about soul. Songs have deep bass, a Continue reading

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