2010 Year End: Top 20 Singles

We’re finally at the end of the year, which means that this will be the last post of 2010! First I want to thank all of you who come and read. Just knowing that people are actually reading my thought is very excited, and I am truly blessed to have readers who actually care so thank you!

That being said lets end the year by listing the top 20 singles. I really did enjoy the music that was released this year, and I think that it is only a Continue reading

2010 Year End: Artists

After doing song lists all week I wanted to compile a list of the top 10 artists of the year. With the debut of many new artists, as well as the comebacks of a few greats, this year was an interesting one for the music industry.

There were a few things that I considered while making the list. Chart success, overall popularity, and album sales lead me to make my decisions.

I’ll admit, it was difficult to put some of Continue reading

2010 Year End: Pop Songs

Dance and Techno influences ruled the pop genre this year. After the rise of dance music in 2009, this year seemed to be filled with club geared beats and distorted vocals.

Artists like Usher and Lady Antebellum saw major success as they geared their songs towards the pop audience, and newcomers like Bruno Mars and Ke$ha ruled the airwaves, causing both praise and controversy.

I feel like pop is a weird genre because it accepts and rejects Continue reading

2010 Year End: Rap Songs

This was quite the year for Rap with the comeback of Eminem, who had the top selling album of the year. While many people say that the genre as a whole has sold out, I’ll never give in to that.

Music is meant to grow and evolve as time goes on. I’m honestly sick of people complaining that Rap is no longer good because it doesn’t sound like the 90’s. There is no Continue reading

2010 Year End: R&B Song

As this year comes to a close I wanted to gather up a list of my favorite songs and albums of the year as a whole. On the 31st I’ll release my top 10 song and album list for the year, but until then I’ll compile other year end charts to hold you over.

If you read the blog regularly then you know I’m an avid lover of R&B, so naturally I would compile a list of the Best R&B songs of the year.

Overall 2010 was actually a slow year R&B Continue reading

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