Beyonce – 4

Beyonce needs no introduction, so I won’t even attempt to give her one. Her name alone is all that is needed, and for each person it means something else. Whether you love her or hate her there’s no denying her star power, something she relies a lot on in her new album 4.

Following the major success of I am….Sasha Fierce, Beyonce goes for a more toned down sound on 4. It proves to work on a few songs, but sounds forced on others.

The album opens with ‘1+1’, an emotional love song dripping with sensuality. It’s one of the most romantic songs she’s done to date, even though the lyrics are immature. Continue reading

Album Review: ‘Basic Instinct’

I honestly believe that Ciara’s talent is underrated. After bursting onto the scene with her 2004 hit ‘Goodies’, Ciara took over the radio with her debut album, followed by successful second album ‘The Evolution’. Ciara’s showmanship and singing began to steadily improve leading up to third album ‘Fantasy Ride’, but somewhere everything fell apart.

‘Fantasy Ride’ was actually a strong album, but I believe the main problem was in the promotion. ‘Love, Sex, & Magic’ was a top 10 single, and while the first week sales of the album were low, another single could have saved them. Yet, whatever the reason, everything was dropped on the project Continue reading

Album Review: ‘LOUD’

Today marks the release of Rihannas fifth studio album ‘LOUD’. Rihanna has been heavily criticized recently for being a singles artist without the ability to create a cohessive studio album. While she impressed many people with her last album ‘Rated R’, the album failed to be commerical smash, only selling a little over one million copies in the US.

While I felt that ‘Rated R’ was the first time Rihanna actually created a well rounded album,but it was still missing her personality. After four albums, I think Rihanna has finally found her sound with ‘LOUD’ being the most natural fit for Rihanna to date. Continue reading

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