Album Review: ‘Basic Instinct’

I honestly believe that Ciara’s talent is underrated. After bursting onto the scene with her 2004 hit ‘Goodies’, Ciara took over the radio with her debut album, followed by successful second album ‘The Evolution’. Ciara’s showmanship and singing began to steadily improve leading up to third album ‘Fantasy Ride’, but somewhere everything fell apart.

‘Fantasy Ride’ was actually a strong album, but I believe the main problem was in the promotion. ‘Love, Sex, & Magic’ was a top 10 single, and while the first week sales of the album were low, another single could have saved them. Yet, whatever the reason, everything was dropped on the project Continue reading


How Much: ‘Basic Instinct’

It seems like Ciara announced her fourth album ‘Basic Instinct’ a decade ago, but today is finally the day that the album drops.

I can’t decide if the road to release has been worse for ‘Fantasy Ride’ , her last album, or ‘Basic Instinct’, but regardless it’s safe to say that Ciara has seen her fair share of struggles these past few albums. Between album leaks, and lack of promotion I really don’t know how the future of Ciara’s career, let album ‘Basic Instinct’ will end up.

Reviews for the album have been largely mixed, but many boast about Ciara’s lure as an artist. Ciara has everything it Continue reading

‘Gimme Dat’ Remix

I realized this morning that Ciara’s fourth album, ‘Basic Instinct’, is due in only 3 days. Considering the lack of presence on both the stage and the charts I don’t know how well the album is going to do it’s first week.

Two weeks ago I heard the official remix to her single ‘Gimme Dat’. Originally I had no intention of posting the track because I thought that it was a sad attempt to gain some last Continue reading

Album Preview: ‘Basic Instinct’

After a few mishaps Ciara is gearing up to finally release her fourth album ‘Basic Instinct’ on December 14th. (Just an interesting note, isn’t it odd that both Ciara and Diddy-Dirty Money are releasing their insanely delayed albums on the same day?)

‘Ride’ was released as the first single back in April. The song hit big on the R&B chart peaking at number 3, but the album was pushed back from its August release date to ensure stronger sales.

Months later and Ciara has failed to gain another hit from the record. ‘Speechless’ failed to catch on and ‘Gimmer Dat’ has Continue reading

Poll: November Anticipation

With November less than a month away it is gearing up to be the biggest month of the year for high profile releases. With Kanye announcing on his twitter today (as I reported last week) that his album is coming out on November 22nd, I wanted to see whose album you are dying to have. I’m going to have to save my money because there is at least one album a week that I am going to need to buy. Tell me who you think will sell the most in the comments section as well. My money is on Kanye, but Susan Boyle is also releasing her album this month, and last year she blew the competition away. No one had a chance of coming close to her sale, and I was not happy in the slightest. Hopefully that won’t happen again this year but you never know! Let me know your predictions and vote in the poll below:

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