‘Price Tag’ – Jessie J feat. BoB

Rating: A-

After doing my artist watch on Jessie J last week I thought it would be appropriate to review her first US single ‘Price Tag’. The songs video also premiered last week, so it looks like Jessie is beginning her crack of the market.

‘Price Tag’ sounds radically different than her debut single ‘Do It Like A Dude’. There a smooth guitar line, which boast a more poppy feel. Jessie has left all the dark and grimy tones and opted for something more uplifting.

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End of the Year Charts: Hot 100

With the end of the year only three weeks away it’s time for the year end charts to be coming out. Billboard revealed the end of the year charts today, and I was surprised by some of the results.

The results are  drawn up from the amount of airplay and digital sales that a song has sold over the year. So keep that in mind as you read the list before you get angry.

Since my Grammy features went over so well I am going to Continue reading

Video: ‘Don’t Let Me Fall’

The video for the fourth single from B.o.B. premiered this past week. ‘Don’t Let Me Fall’, which as always be my favorite song by him, has been given the single treatment after the success runs of his first three singles.

While the video for ‘Airplanes’ was good, I didn’t like the other two. ‘Don’t Let Me Fall’ is simple, but I enjoyed the video for the most part. Continue reading

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