Top 10// Reasons Why Frank Ocean Wins

I’ve decided to start a new series just to add more variety to my posts. The Top 10 is going to be a themed list, generally on something that I’ve been thinking about lately.

I think it’ll be cool to try out, and hopefully for you to read.

The first one is on Frank Ocean with ten reasons why he’s the man. Check it out below: Continue reading


Is Frank Ocean R&B’s Next Trend?

It’s hard to define what a true R&B artist is anymore with artists easily blending pop melodies and hooks into their sound. Chris Brown for example is not an R&B artist. He’s a pop artist who knows how to crossover to receive airplay on the R&B stations. Same holds true for Rihanna, and I’d argue Beyonce. But, all are considered R&B acts in award shows like the Grammy’s or the BET awards.

But Frank Ocean is different.

Traditional R&B is about soul. Songs have deep bass, a Continue reading

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