How Much?: Ne-Yo

‘Libra Scale’ is the fourth studio album from Ne-Yo and it has gotten off to a shaky start to say the least. The album has been pushed back multiple times, and it leaked in full earlier in the month. For a moment it seemed as if the album would never see the light of day, but ironically it has been released in the busiest sales week of the year.

Ne-Yo’s last album saw not only commercial success, but critical success as well. ‘Year Of  The Gentlemen’ was nominated for Album of the Year and spawned off the hit singles ‘Miss Independent’ and ‘Closer’. Considering the success he saw I’m surprised at the performance of the ‘Libra Scale’ singles.
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The Theory Behind Album Pre-Orders

As I went on itunes today I noticed that there is an abundance on pre-orders that have become available. Currently there are 16 albums in the top 200 that are pre-orders, 6 of which are in the top 21 as you can see in my screenshot. With the holiday season quickly approaching this becomes a vital time for album sales. So what does this abundance of pre-orders mean for the industry?
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‘Pretty Girl Rock’- Keri Hilson

Rating: B+
A few weeks ago I reviewed Keri Hilsons horrible attempt at a first single, ‘Breaking Point’. The song has yet to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 so as Swizz Beatz says Keri is ‘onto the next one’ releasing new single ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ today. The track is a good crossover track for Keri and will have her being played on both the pop and R&B stations. The track is Keri’s strongest to date since ‘Knock You Down’ and should be a good push leading to the release of her second album ‘No Boys Allowed’.

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Poll: November Anticipation

With November less than a month away it is gearing up to be the biggest month of the year for high profile releases. With Kanye announcing on his twitter today (as I reported last week) that his album is coming out on November 22nd, I wanted to see whose album you are dying to have. I’m going to have to save my money because there is at least one album a week that I am going to need to buy. Tell me who you think will sell the most in the comments section as well. My money is on Kanye, but Susan Boyle is also releasing her album this month, and last year she blew the competition away. No one had a chance of coming close to her sale, and I was not happy in the slightest. Hopefully that won’t happen again this year but you never know! Let me know your predictions and vote in the poll below:

Thoughts: Album Delays

Over the past few years artist have delayed their albums over and over again. It was announced today that Ne-Yo has pushed back his album ‘Libra Scale’ one more time. 2010 has seen an array of different pushback, and for some artists it has gotten so bad there albums are now coming out in 2011. Kid Cudi pushed his album back twice, Kanye pushed his back once, and there are two many times to count for both Ciara and Kelly Rowland. So why the setbacks? Normally they do more damage than good, and what does this mean for the record industry as a whole?
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