New Beyonce Single Decided

After weeks of uncertainty and rumors it seems that the Beyonce camp has finally decided on the fourth single from her latest album 4.

The single will following the moderate success of ‘Run The World (Girls)’ and ‘Best Thing I Never Had’. Different reports and pictures have been spreading across the web since August, each report claiming a different song.

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‘Price Tag’ – Jessie J feat. BoB

Rating: A-

After doing my artist watch on Jessie J last week I thought it would be appropriate to review her first US single ‘Price Tag’. The songs video also premiered last week, so it looks like Jessie is beginning her crack of the market.

‘Price Tag’ sounds radically different than her debut single ‘Do It Like A Dude’. There a smooth guitar line, which boast a more poppy feel. Jessie has left all the dark and grimy tones and opted for something more uplifting.

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Willow Preps 2nd Single

Now that the hype and success of ‘Whip My Hair’ died down, it’s time for Willow to prove that she is not a one-hit wonder.

Willow filmed a video for her second single this weekend in California-see the picture to the left to get your first look.

The song is said to be in a more dance direction than her debut single, something that is not surprising considering the direction of pop music right now. Find out the name of the song with a snippet below: Continue reading

Poll: ‘Hold It Against Me’

Britney Spears continues to dominate the charts as information concerning the success of ‘Hold It Against Me’ is slowly released. She now holds the record for the most spins in one week with 3,866. Insane.

Not only that, but the song has continued to stay number 1 on itunes, so there is no way it won’t have the number 1 spot on the digital charts. While all signs are pointing to a number 1 debut on the Hot 100, no one will be certain until later in the week. I will say this though, it would be a huge shock if she does not nab the number 1 spot. With all of this early success it only makes sense.

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The Britney Effect

With this blog being a music blog it is hard to deny the force that is Britney Spears right now. While I’ve yet to fully understand where the obessions stems, the fact of the matter is that she is a force to be reckoned with, and she’s shaping up to make a serious impact this year.

I was speaking to guest writer David (read his review now!) about the power that Britney fans seem to have. As an avid reader of blogs, I have seen the anticipation of her new single build over the past few months, primarily in December.
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‘Radio’ – Raphael Saadiq

Rating: A

R&B singer Raphael Saadiq premiered the first single from his fourth album Stone Rollin’ yesterday title ‘Radio’. The song is a throwback track done in the most respectful and tasteful way.

Raphael Saadiq experienced major critical success in 2008 with his album The Way I See It, which was hailed by many a critic. He is one of the only true R&B artists left, staying devoted to the genre. (Just check out ‘Never Give You Up’ or ‘Love That Girl’ to get a quick taste of his solo work, or look up his work with Tony! Toni! Toné!)

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Lil Wayne Gearing Up For Return

Reports are slowing coming in about the state of the ‘Carter IV’, the much anticipated album from Lil Wayne. According to Rap-Up, the rapper is looking to premiere his first single ‘6’7′ before the years end.

The rapper has been surprisingly quiet since his return from jail, something I think is a good thing. Wayne was everywhere before he left. You could not turn on the radio without hearing one of his songs, either as a lead or featured artist. I have said it before that there is importance in missing an artist. While he released an album while he was gone, ‘I Am Not A Human Being’, the album was nowhere near the magnitude of ‘Tha Carter III’, nor was it meant to.
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‘Moment 4 Life’ Announced As New Single

It was announced that the next single from ‘Pink Friday’ would be the Drake assisted ‘Moment 4 Life’. The song follows ‘Right Thru Me’, which was Nicki’s second solo song in the top 10 on the R&B charts and has hit the top 40 on the Hot 100.

While ‘Right Thru Me’ is gaining some popularity I think that it is very important for Nicki to release something new. ‘Right Thru Me’ has been out for months now, and with the Christmas season quickly approaching Nicki needs to make sure that she can capitalize on those sales.

‘Moment 4 Life’ is one of the standout tracks on the album, and Nicki honestly needs a big song to her name. I was telling my friend the other day that is interesting that she is so popular considering that only two Continue reading

‘Coming Home’ Diddy-Dirty Money (Song/Video)

Rating: C+

I’ve been meaning to write a review on this song since the AMA’s, and since the video was just released I figured I should do it now before it was too late.

‘Coming Home’ is technically the fifth song released from the groups album ‘Last Train To Paris’. The album is set to finally Continue reading

‘Castle Walls’ T.I. feat. Christina Aguilera

Rating: A-

After a preview was released a few years ago the T.I./Christina Aguilera collaboration ‘Castle Walls’ can be heard in full as of today. The song, which serves as the next single for ‘No Mercy, finds the two lamenting about the negative side of fame.

As I said earlier this week, both T.I. and Christina need a hit Continue reading

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