The Weeknd Fails Florence

The Weeknd has been gaining some serious attention these past few months with the releases of his free internet albums. So it comes as no surprise that artist would be running up to collaborate with the singer/producer/sometimes rapper.

Don’t get me wrong, The Weeknd is solidifying himself in a tough industry Continue reading


‘Typewriter’ – Alicia Keys (1997)

Rating: A-

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of Alicia Key’s debut album Songs in A Minor. To celebrate the occasion Keys is re-releasing the album on June 28, filled with new songs and footage.

Rap-Up posted ‘Typerwriter’ yesterday, a song that was recorded in Keys apartment in 1997. This was years before her debut album with J Records, so this is a nice look into the foundation of her career. Continue reading

‘S&M’ Continues To Cause Problems

Controversy has always been a tool to gain attention. Artists have been shocking the world for years, and every time it has caused a reaction.

Last week Rihanna’s video ‘S&M’ cause problems worldwide, being banned in 11 countries. The sexually explicit video is even under consideration by MTV to be edited. Now the track itself is causing some issues as the song has been renamed ‘Come On’ in the UK after premiering on Radio 1 this week.

Now songs have been renamed before, and they will continue to be, but what’s most odd about this is that fact that Rihanna didn’t know. A fan tweeted the news and Rihanna seemed to react in a shocked manner. In all honestly I’m not terrible surprised because of the connotations that the title holds. It’s not exactly a innuendo or subtle in anyway.

Considering the lyrics ‘Come On’ actually makes more sense. The actually phrase S&M is only only chanted before the bridge and at the end of the song, with come on is used mainly in the hook. Still, the problem is that fact that the song is being tampered with, and while this could open a huge debate I’ll quickly give my opinion:

I think that it doesn’t matter because the songs is still being played.

Think about it, what if Cee-Lo was uptight because they re-named his song ‘Forget You’? I just think that the song is dirty, and while it’s not the worst thing out, it’s still pretty forward. That being said I understand how this is annoying but at the end of the day the song is getting airplay, which will only add to Rihannas recent success.

What do you think?

Do they have to right to change the song?

‘Fool For You’ – Cee-Lo feat. Melanie Fiona

Rating: B+

After the major success of his song ‘F*** You (Forget You)’, Cee-Lo has yet to have another radio smash to be even mildly successful. This brings us to his new radio single, which might have the potential to set him ablaze on the R&B stations.

‘Fool For You’ is a powerful love song featuring Melanie Fiona as a guest vocalist. The song is a pure throwback and both Cee-lo and Fiona capture that essence in their vocal performances.

Now the public clung on to the doo-wop sound of ‘F*** You’, but I don’t think that ‘Fool For You’ will have the same cultural affect. Continue reading

Tarik Tuesday-#2: ‘Ill and I know it’

Another Tuesday, another Tarik song. The next installment of Tarik Tuesdays is the new song ‘Ill and I know it’. The chorus heavy jam shows growth in melody for the rapper, with a hook that is sure to grab your attention! Following the same confidence found on ‘You Can’t See Me’, Tarik is making sure to prove his worth to fans and haters alike. Check the song out below with a link to the download. Remember that the first and third Tuesday of every month means a new Tarik song, only here @ Kicktheeardrum!
Continue reading

Adele Performs ‘Someone Like You’

While Adele continues to make her rounds worldwide to promote her single ‘Rolling in the Deep’, her first offering from second album 21, she managed to give her fans a quick treat by performing the albums second single ‘Someone Like You’.

While the song has yet to receive a proper release date, Adele has mentioned that it’s on track for being released next. I won’t Continue reading

Tarik Tuesdays- #1: ‘Can’t See Me’

Kicking off Tarik Tuesdays is the brash ‘Can’t See Me’. Building off of the momentum from his mixtape The Tryout, Tarik seems to have found new grounds for confidence, which he explicitly boast on ‘Can’t See Me’.

The song shows growth for the rapper, both in writing and style. The melody of the chorus is like that of ‘Hands to the Ceiling’; it’s very catchy and ready for the radio. It’s Tarik’s delivery though that makes the track even more addictive. Continue reading

A Few Words From Tarik:

Just when you thought he was off the radar Tarik strikes again. I am honored to be part of Tarik Tuesdays and am so thankfully that he asked me to be part of his career in this way.

Come back tonight 8pm Eastern Time/ 7 pm Central for the first installment of Tarik Tuesdays.

How Much?: Justin Bieber

Today marks the release of Justin Bieber’s new album ‘My World Acoustic’. The album takes hits from his first two albums, and adds a new song to the mix. The album is only in stores, which is a nice challenge to the digital shift in music sales.

Whether you want to admit it or not, Justin Bieber is one of the biggest pop stars out right now. This can mainly be attributed to the massive following of pre-teens who follow him. After winning 4 AMA’s beating the likes of Lady Gaga, and having one of the biggest selling albums of the year, I hate to admit that Bieber is a force to be reckoned with.
Continue reading

‘Never Forget You’- Lupe Fiasco feat. John Legend

Rating: B+

With his album finally on track, Lupe Fiasco is coming back harder than ever before. His last few songs have all been top notch, but it seems like Lupe is looking for commercial success with ‘Never Forget You’.

Th song starts out with John Legends beautifully sung chorus back by steady clapping and drum line. John Legend’s voice is perfect on this song, but if your not a fan of his voice than Continue reading

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