The Power of the Music Video

This past week P!nk released the video for her new single ‘F***ing Perfect’ (or ‘Perfect’ for radio purposes). The video was a shocker to say the least, with graphic depiction’s of attempted suicide, followed by a victorious recovery. Needless to say the video got people talking.

More importantly though it also got people buying, which is why the song has been number 1 on itunes for few days. The song Continue reading


P!nk or Adam?

Today marks the release of Adam Lambert’s new acoustic EP, which features new versions from some of his hit songs, including his top 10 hit ‘Whataya Want From Me’.

A few weeks ago P!nk released her greatest hits album, which featured her version of the song, which she wrote, in certain territories.

When I first hear P!nk’s version I wanted Continue reading

P!nk Records ‘Whataya Want From Me’

It might be weird that I’m writing an article about P!nk, but I found out that she has recorded a version of ‘Whatdaya Want From Me’ for her greatest hits album causing me to remember how good she is. P!nk is the most underrated artist, there’s no question about it. Not only does she write all of her songs, but she has one of the best voices in the industry.

Whats most interesting about P!nk is the amount of control that she has over her career. While releasing her debut album during the 90’s pop era, P!nk was guided by her label to released R&B/Pop influenced songs.

All new artist are guided by their record labels because the label wants to sell. While P!nk went with the flow on her first album, she changed things up on her second album to discover a sound that worked. Continue reading

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