Poll: Diggy Simmons

Descending from hip-hop royalty, Diggy Simmons is currently holding it down for the genre that many would say is dead.

He may be young, but his families talent is clearly running through his veins. I’m really loving the fact that he hasn’t blown up yet because it’s Continue reading


Nothing But A Number

With her current single ‘Whip My Hair’ climbing quickly up the charts, 9 year old Willow Smith is gearing up to release her debut album. With the sound of ‘Whip My Hair’ it is clear that Willow wants to reach the older audiences as well as young ones. This is smart considering that it is hard to break free from the Tween group once you are there. As I said in my review of the song, her age could distract older audiences from connecting to her music. With the song jumping from 60 to 38 this week on the R&B chart it looks like my fear may have been unfounded, but I want to see what everyone else thinks. Do you think Willow’s age will negatively affect her music, or do you think that it would add to her artistry? Personally, I think it adds to her because at first listen people are blown away that she is only 9. Being this good at 9 years old will bring her publicity for all the right reasons. I know that there have to be people on both side so I ask, what do you think? Vote below:

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