How Much: Keri Hilson

After stepping away from the pen in 2009 Keri Hilson was able to hit gold with her debut album ‘In A Perfect World.’ Spawning off the worldwide hit ‘Knock You Down’, Keri was able to establishing herself as a solo act, but she still needs to prove herself as a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully her second album, ‘No Boys Allowed’, will do just that.

‘No Boys Allowed’ was released on tuesday, preceded by ‘Pretty Girl Rock’, ‘Breaking Point’ and the street single ‘The Way You Love Me’.  While ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ is slowly climbing up the charts, the rest of the singles failed to ignite. All is not lost though considering that Keri has had a massive promotional campaign.
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Performance Corner: Keri Hilson Nails It

Over the past few weeks Keri Hilson have been on promotion overdrive pushing her single ‘Pretty Girl Rock’. The single got off to a slow start, but has been dramatically rising on the radio and is currently number 40 on itunes.

All of the performances have been the same with Keri lacking some vocal strength. Her performance today was more simple than the others, but it showcased Keri’s vocal talent more than any other.

The best part of the performance though was when she mixed the Jame Blunt hit ‘Your Beautiful’ into the song before the last chorus. Considering the crowd that watches the Continue reading

Performance Corner: Keri Hilson

With a little more than a month until the release of her sophomore album ‘No Boys Allowed’, Keri Hilson has kicked in her promotional campaign with a performance on Jay Leno.

While Keri has yet to make a dent chart wise with her first two singles, its evident that the album is still being put into full gear. With reports of the artwork being shot this past week, I’d say it is still probable that the album comes out on its release date of December 21st.

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‘Pretty Girl Rock’- Keri Hilson

Rating: B+
A few weeks ago I reviewed Keri Hilsons horrible attempt at a first single, ‘Breaking Point’. The song has yet to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 so as Swizz Beatz says Keri is ‘onto the next one’ releasing new single ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ today. The track is a good crossover track for Keri and will have her being played on both the pop and R&B stations. The track is Keri’s strongest to date since ‘Knock You Down’ and should be a good push leading to the release of her second album ‘No Boys Allowed’.

The track was evidently written by Ne-Yo, who has Continue reading

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