Quick Notes: Billboard

A few things happened on the Billboard charts this week, so I decided that I’m going to make a quick run down of all the things that I think matter.

Remember to check out all the charts when the are posted online tomorrow. And if you really love music you should get into the habit of checking every week. Whether you want to admit it or not, Billboard is really all that matters to most labels, so it would be in you best interest to see how you favorite artists are doing.

Here’s the run down:
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‘We Found Love’ – Rihanna

This week marks the debut of the new Rihanna single “We Found Love”, the first offering from her upcoming sixth studio album due later this year. The single was produced by Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, who is currently charting worldwide with his Kelis collaboration “Bounce.”

With Loud only being out for 10 months, the premiere of “We Found Love” was unexpected for most, and was met with mix reactions.

I don’t really know how to start reviewing “We Found Love” because of the circumstances surrounding the song. “Cheers”, the seventh single from Loud, just advanced to number 8 this week on the Billboard Hot 100. Why would Def Jam begin a new album campaign when Loud Continue reading

LOUD Tour: Cee-Lo Leaves/ Rihanna Down

Rihanna is currently on her summer LOUD Tour, which is receiving rave reviews and selling out arenas around the country. No tour is ever complete without a few bumps in the road though, and this week has brought a few.

First, Cee-Lo Green has pulled out of the tour unexpectedly according to Billboard via The New York Times. He claims that his commitment to The Voice, a new book, and a new album. Last week Green made headlines after having a public fight with a reporter who gave him a bad review. His spokesperson was quoted saying:

“He feels that he wouldn’t give his fans the show that they deserve.”

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‘LOUD’ Re-Release Announced

It’s official: Rihanna is going to re-release her fifth album LOUD later this year.

Honestly the news does not come as a surprise to me considering that LOUD only has 11 tracks on it. Plus, with the massive amount of critical and commercial success, it would be unwise for her to move on to another era. After the mild success of Continue reading

Billboard: Katy Perry Scores

Katy Perry continues her winning streak as her single “E.T” advances to number 1 this week. The song is Katy’s fourth to land the top spot from her sophomore album Teenage Dream.

I still do not understand why Katy has found so much success. I will admit that she did shine with “Teenage Dream” and “E.T.” is pretty good as well. Aside from those two I do not understand her overall appeal. She’s average at best in my opinion, but the public seems to disagree with me.

Teenage Dream is now one of the 9 albums in history to produce 4 number 1 singles. The last album to do so was Confessions by Usher.
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‘S&M’ Continues To Cause Problems

Controversy has always been a tool to gain attention. Artists have been shocking the world for years, and every time it has caused a reaction.

Last week Rihanna’s video ‘S&M’ cause problems worldwide, being banned in 11 countries. The sexually explicit video is even under consideration by MTV to be edited. Now the track itself is causing some issues as the song has been renamed ‘Come On’ in the UK after premiering on Radio 1 this week.

Now songs have been renamed before, and they will continue to be, but what’s most odd about this is that fact that Rihanna didn’t know. A fan tweeted the news and Rihanna seemed to react in a shocked manner. In all honestly I’m not terrible surprised because of the connotations that the title holds. It’s not exactly a innuendo or subtle in anyway.

Considering the lyrics ‘Come On’ actually makes more sense. The actually phrase S&M is only only chanted before the bridge and at the end of the song, with come on is used mainly in the hook. Still, the problem is that fact that the song is being tampered with, and while this could open a huge debate I’ll quickly give my opinion:

I think that it doesn’t matter because the songs is still being played.

Think about it, what if Cee-Lo was uptight because they re-named his song ‘Forget You’? I just think that the song is dirty, and while it’s not the worst thing out, it’s still pretty forward. That being said I understand how this is annoying but at the end of the day the song is getting airplay, which will only add to Rihannas recent success.

What do you think?

Do they have to right to change the song?

Skylar Grey’s ‘Love The Way You Lie’ Demo

Yesterday Rap-Up premiered some pictures of singer songwriter Skylar Grey, marking the first time that the singer/songwriter has shown her face. It was a strategic time to do since ‘I Need A Doctor’ and ‘Words I Never Said’, songs that she features on, were released this week.

As a frequent writer with producer Alex Da Kid, Skylar has yet to really prove herself. Today has brought the Continue reading

Video: ‘Who’s That Chick’ Take 3

And why not add to the current music video theme with the third and “official” version of the Rihanna/David Guetta song ‘Who’s That Chick’. Honestly this is a final attempt to make the song a hit in the US. Thus far it has peaked at 51 on the Hot 100, and actually dropped a few spots on this weeks chart.

Last october the song and video were leaked months before the official release date, and then a night version of the video was released soon after. The song didn’t even receive an official radio release date until December, so for some people the track is actually quite old.

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Rihanna Preps ‘S&M’ And More!

While Britney is dominating literally every chart, Rihanna is making sure that she won’t fall to the wayside in what’s set to be one of the biggest years for women in pop music.

Rihanna just released the cover to her third single ‘S&M’ this morning. Considering the nature of the song, the cover is surprisingly tame. The song hit a peak of 53 on the Hot 100 during LOUD‘s release week. Currently, the song is 83 on itunes with the official radio release being January 25th, though the song has been getting a good amount of play already.

Continuing to maintain her relevance, Rihanna released ‘Raining Me’, featuring Nicki Minaj, to urban radio last month. I didn’t think that song would do Continue reading

Throwback: Rihanna Performs New Version of ‘Umbrella’ at 2008 BRIT Awards

After reading that Rihanna has been nominated for a BRIT Award, the UK’s equivalent to a Grammy, I found this video of her performance at the 2008 BRIT Awards.

I’d never seen it before tonight, and I had the feeling that a few of you haven’t as well so I decided to share it. The performance was at the peak of Rihanna’s career in 2008-although I think that  the LOUD-era is going to be much bigger for Rihanna.
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