Random [Unnecessary] Performance(s) of the Week

Sometimes random artist hook up in concert and it blows your mind. And then there are those times that it doesn’t. It looks like Taylor Swift is trying to branch out by teaming up with Usher and T.I. in the ATL this past week. You know something is wrong when you read blogs to find that people think these two performances are worth while and cool.

How did ATL accept this? If you can stomach another read below: Continue reading


The Numbers Are In…

The weekly album sale numbers are in, and it’s not looking too good for some people. Taylor Swift, yet again, has returned to the top spot selling 259,000 copies of ‘Speak Now’. The album is currently the third best seller of the year, and at this point there’s no way for her to win, so congrats to Eminem for having the top selling album of the year.

Susan Boyle continues to sell with her album, ‘The Gift’, moving 254,000 copies. The new Michael Jackson album, ‘Michael’, debuts with 228,000 copies at number 3. It looks Continue reading

Platinum Taylor

In July I read an article on Billboard that questioned Taylor’s ability to sell one million records in one week. There were multiple industry analyst who said she could, but I just brushed it off. When ‘Mine’ came out and fell out of the top 10 quickly, I thought that selling one million would be a stretch.

Lil Wayne was the last person to do so in 2008, but ‘Lollipop’ was a number 1 song. In my mind having a number 1 song would lead to more albums sales, and since Taylor wasn’t number 1 there was no way.

I was wrong. So congrats to her, and Im happy because this helps out the industry quite a bit! So how much did Taylor Sell? Continue reading

Why Taylor Swift Is Selling 1,000,000 Copies This Week-

Like I said in my Release Me Tuesday article, it is impossible to avoid Taylor Swift this week, especially with the projected numbers for her album. Currently, the album is expected to sell past 1,000,000 copies, making it the first album to do so since Lil Wayne. In an industry that is falling apart such a feat cannot be ignored, and raises the question, Why are all albums not selling like this?

Honestly I could name ten artist off the top of my head that are better than Taylor Swift both musically and vocally, so how is she achieving this? While I may not like Taylor I will be the first to admit that she has Continue reading

iTunes Madness

Today has been a pretty interesting day on itunes since I did my Release Me Tuesday article this morning, and I’m honestly shocked by the current standings on itunes right now.

First off, I said that I was surprised that Willow wasn’t in the top 10 this morning, and then said that I didn’t think she could pull it off due to the new Taylor Swift songs that were debuting. It looks like I’m going to have to eat my words because ‘Whip My Hair’ is currently number 10 on itunes. This should result in a lofty Billboard debut next week, especially if the track rises.

Chris Brown should also have a healthy debut, with ‘Yeah x3’ currently sitting at 17. I really am surprised at this, Continue reading

Release Me Tuesday

Another week full of new releases on itunes. Even though I literally can’t listen to her without cringing, its completely unavoidable to mention that Taylor Swift is releasing her third album ‘Speak Now’ this week. Its the follow up to 2008’s ‘Fearless’, which went on to win the Grammy for Album Of The Year. Regardless of my ill feeling towards her, this is expected to be one of the years biggest albums.

After the success Eminem saw with ‘Reecovery’, I doubt that Taylor could sell more this year. Then again, no one thought that Susan Boyle would end up on top last year, so anything can happen. Continue reading

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