Trey Songz Starts Fifth Album

Billboard reported today that Trey Songz has already began work in his fifth album, with plans to release it this year.

Trey said,

“I want to release an album this year. We’re starting in the studio now. I’m always thinking about music. I’m in the studio whenever I can be. I’m not pressed or in a rush to make an album right now, but I always have a need to make music.”

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Christmas Post!:

Today being the day that Christ was born, I wanted to keep the post focused on that as much as possible. Numerous musical acts have covered Christmas songs in the past, so I figured I’d gather some together to give you a soundtrack to your Christmas.

This is may favorite time of year, and I truly believe that music plays an important part to the season as a whole. Listening to current star record Christmas classics is always great, because they find a way to add their own twist to the track.

Rihanna recently released her version of ‘A Child Is Born’. She take an island approach to the song, which actually makes me believe that it was recorded earlier in her career. It sounds like something off of her debut album, but still is a great listen. Check it out below along with some other Christmas classics.
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Performance Corner: ‘Can’t Be Friends’

Trey Songz visited The View yesterday to perform his number 1 R&B song ‘Can’t Be Friends’. The song is still riding high on the R&B Song chart at number 1 for the past few weeks.

Trey is also experiencing a massive amount of success with ‘Bottoms Up’. Even though the song has been out since August, it is still in the top 10 on both itunes and the Hot 100, proving to be his biggest hit to date.
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Quick BillBoard Recap

I will alway be man enough to admit when I’m wrong, so I have to admit that I was wrong concerning Lil Wayne’s new album. He has pulled out the impossible and has climbed to the number 1 spot on the Billboard 200 this week after the physical version of his album ‘I Am Not A Human Being’ hit stores this week. The album sold 125,000 copies this week, I applaud you Lil Wayne. You have pulled off the impossible proving that your fans will continue to buy your album weeks after its release. Even though I still don’t agree with the release schedule, I will humble eat my words.

Far East Movement has finally hit number 1 this week after moving up the charts each week. ‘Like A G6’ Continue reading

‘Can’t Be Friends’- Trey Songz

Rating: A

This is the strongest slow jam that Trey has released to date. Most of Trey’s songs are sex filled, but ‘Can’t Be Friends’ depicts a scarred relationship that has come to a crossroad. With the success of his last album ‘Ready’, Trey needed to prove that he could continue his winning streak, while growing as an artist. ‘Can’t Be Friends’ is a step in the right direction. Continue reading

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