‘S&M’ Continues To Cause Problems

Controversy has always been a tool to gain attention. Artists have been shocking the world for years, and every time it has caused a reaction.

Last week Rihanna’s video ‘S&M’ cause problems worldwide, being banned in 11 countries. The sexually explicit video is even under consideration by MTV to be edited. Now the track itself is causing some issues as the song has been renamed ‘Come On’ in the UK after premiering on Radio 1 this week.

Now songs have been renamed before, and they will continue to be, but what’s most odd about this is that fact that Rihanna didn’t know. A fan tweeted the news and Rihanna seemed to react in a shocked manner. In all honestly I’m not terrible surprised because of the connotations that the title holds. It’s not exactly a innuendo or subtle in anyway.

Considering the lyrics ‘Come On’ actually makes more sense. The actually phrase S&M is only only chanted before the bridge and at the end of the song, with come on is used mainly in the hook. Still, the problem is that fact that the song is being tampered with, and while this could open a huge debate I’ll quickly give my opinion:

I think that it doesn’t matter because the songs is still being played.

Think about it, what if Cee-Lo was uptight because they re-named his song ‘Forget You’? I just think that the song is dirty, and while it’s not the worst thing out, it’s still pretty forward. That being said I understand how this is annoying but at the end of the day the song is getting airplay, which will only add to Rihannas recent success.

What do you think?

Do they have to right to change the song?

Artist Watch: Jessie J

Over the past few years the UK has been producing some serious talent. Even though American Market is notoriously difficult to crack, a few UK artist have broke through, some thing that I expect Jessie J to do.

Justin Timberlake claims that she has the best voice in the world right now, and she just won the coveted BBC Sound Award for 2011, which has gone too the likes of Adele, and 50 Cent.

So what makes her good?
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