LOUD Tour: Cee-Lo Leaves/ Rihanna Down

Rihanna is currently on her summer LOUD Tour, which is receiving rave reviews and selling out arenas around the country. No tour is ever complete without a few bumps in the road though, and this week has brought a few.

First, Cee-Lo Green has pulled out of the tour unexpectedly according to Billboard via The New York Times. He claims that his commitment to The Voice, a new book, and a new album. Last week Green made headlines after having a public fight with a reporter who gave him a bad review. His spokesperson was quoted saying:

“He feels that he wouldn’t give his fans the show that they deserve.”

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Rihanna Preps ‘S&M’ And More!

While Britney is dominating literally every chart, Rihanna is making sure that she won’t fall to the wayside in what’s set to be one of the biggest years for women in pop music.

Rihanna just released the cover to her third single ‘S&M’ this morning. Considering the nature of the song, the cover is surprisingly tame. The song hit a peak of 53 on the Hot 100 during LOUD‘s release week. Currently, the song is 83 on itunes with the official radio release being January 25th, though the song has been getting a good amount of play already.

Continuing to maintain her relevance, Rihanna released ‘Raining Me’, featuring Nicki Minaj, to urban radio last month. I didn’t think that song would do Continue reading

Performance Corner: Rihanna

Last night Rihanna made her second appearance in two months on the hit UK show The X-Factor. A few weeks ago she performed ‘Only Girl’, which was a good job vocally, but have 0 stage presence. Rihanna seemed to work a little magic on the AMA’s, but vocally it really wasn’t up to par.

Her performance last night finally showed some promise from the Bajan superstar. Performing her smash hit ‘What’s My Name’ Rihanna not only nailed the vocals, but added some attitude and stage presence, making it her best performance to date.

Being as popular as she it it’s about time she got her act together on stage. While she will never be able to perform at the magnitude of other stars like Justin Timberlake or Beyonce, it will make her music more enjoyable knowing that she can successfully perform a live rendition of the song.
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Performance Corner: Rihanna

With her fifth album being released tomorrow Rihanna is in the heart of her promotional campaign. She performed in my hometown today for MTV, resulting in a shut down of Time Square. Say what you want, but it takes a big artist to do something like this.

She performed and array of songs, but her performance for ‘What’s My Name’ was the biggest considering the song is number 1 in the country right now. Rihanna owned the stage and really seemed confident in Continue reading

The Vault: ‘Street Lights’

With finals week consuming me I have been listening to a lot of low key music to keep myself from wandering. Slow song play a key role in every finals week for me, so I wanted to mention one song that I really have forgotten about until recently.

Kanye West released ‘808 and Heartbreak’ back in 2008. While a lot of his fans were angry with the album I actually loved it. I thought that it was a genuine representation of where Kanye was in his life at that time. While there were clear cut radio songs on the album, the best tracks were those that were not. Continue reading

Rihanna Proves Herself Yet Again

Rihanna continues to prove her power and influence this week as ‘What’s My Name’ shoots to number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. This marks Rihanna’s 8th number 1 on the Hot 100 and her third this year. It really is hard to deny how big of a star she is considering that she has had 3 number 1 songs this year alone.

So far both of Rihanna’s singles from ‘Loud’ have been in the top 3, which is much better than her first two singles from ‘Rated R’. While ‘Only Girl’ is a decent song, ‘What’s My Name’ is one of the best singles from Rihanna career. It’s a song that I could only hear her doing, and that makes it success all the more great. Continue reading

Performance Corner: Rihanna

Rihanna started her main promotional round for new album ‘Loud’ by performing on SNL last night. She kicked off with her second single ‘What’s My Name’ minus Drake, before heading into the number 3 song in the country ‘Only Girl’.

It’s better off to start this post by saying that there was something seriously wrong with the audio, especially on ‘Only Girl’. Now, I do think that Rihanna is good vocally, but she Continue reading

‘What’s My Name’- Rihanna feat. Drake

Rating: A+
Only a few days after releasing the video for ‘Only Girl’ Rihanna is wasting no time releasing her second single today. ‘What’s My Name’ is an island flavored song featuring Drake, and is a sure fire hit. ‘Loud’ is shaping up to be one of the biggest albums of the year. Releasing two singles before the album will hopefully solidify the chances of ‘Loud’ hitting number 1, and with both songs being perfect I’d be shocked if it did not.

‘What’s My Name’ brings back the writing and producing team that created ‘Rude Boy’. The similarities between the two songs are evident, but ‘What’s My Name’ packs its own punch as well. Hearing Rihanna in a island vibe sounds natural. I would much rather hear her do a song like this Continue reading

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