Video: ‘Who’s That Chick’ Take 3

And why not add to the current music video theme with the third and “official” version of the Rihanna/David Guetta song ‘Who’s That Chick’. Honestly this is a final attempt to make the song a hit in the US. Thus far it has peaked at 51 on the Hot 100, and actually dropped a few spots on this weeks chart.

Last october the song and video were leaked months before the official release date, and then a night version of the video was released soon after. The song didn’t even receive an official radio release date until December, so for some people the track is actually quite old.

I have Continue reading


Rihanna Preps ‘S&M’ And More!

While Britney is dominating literally every chart, Rihanna is making sure that she won’t fall to the wayside in what’s set to be one of the biggest years for women in pop music.

Rihanna just released the cover to her third single ‘S&M’ this morning. Considering the nature of the song, the cover is surprisingly tame. The song hit a peak of 53 on the Hot 100 during LOUD‘s release week. Currently, the song is 83 on itunes with the official radio release being January 25th, though the song has been getting a good amount of play already.

Continuing to maintain her relevance, Rihanna released ‘Raining Me’, featuring Nicki Minaj, to urban radio last month. I didn’t think that song would do Continue reading

Official Release: ‘Who’s That Chick’- Rihanna

A few week ago I reviewed the Rihanna leak ‘Who’s That Chick’. The song seems to have moved from a leak into official territory. At a recent listening party of the album it was reported that the song was included in the album sample. I think that this is due partly to the overwhelmingly positive response that the song received after leaking. With many fans feeling that the song is better that ‘Only Girl’, it was a smart move by her team to included the song on her album.

Since the original youtube video that I used was taken down, I tried my best to replace it but could not. Since the song is more official take a listen and let me know how you feel about it in the poll below! Continue reading

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