Cracking The Market

Cracking the International market is one accomplishment that many artist attempt. Its one thing to be a star in your own country, but to have International success is something entirely different. It looks like Nicki Minaj is striving for world domination as a new version of her song ‘Check It Out’ is being played overseas.

Cheryl Cole has added her vocals to the song to make it more appealing to the UK audiences. Cheryl and have worked together numerous times in the past, so the idea doesn’t seem to far fetched to me. In all honesty Cheryl adds Continue reading


‘The Time (The Dirty Bit)’- Black Eyed Peas


It’s difficult to explain my relationship with the Black Eyed Peas, because I really do love most of their music, but I get sick of their songs faster than any other act. After releasing ‘The E.N.D.’ in June 2009, the band has achieved world wide success, with millions of albums sold and 3 number 1 US hits. While the band was popular before, ‘The E.N.D.’ thrust them unto a whole new level creatively and publicly. Rather than take a break the band is about to release their new album ‘The Beginning’ later this year, which is set to have a more futuristic sound.

But Will It? Continue reading

Performance Corner: Nicki Minaj &

Rap-Up posted the video last night of Nicki Minaj and’s performance of ‘Check It Out’ on Letterman last night. After the duo performed the song at the VMA red carpet, I was interested to see how they would fare the second time around. I was also glad to see that Nicki is starting to promote her album which is a little more than a month from its release date.

The performance was similar to the VMA’s, but there was a live band backing this time rather than a track. I will admit that Nicki has been looking better and better each time she performs live. She is learning how to channel her many personalities into her performance. She looked more smooth and natural this time. This only problem was the mic again. I don’t now why but in a few of her performances the mic is much lower than it should be when she is singing. Continue reading

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