Artist Watch: Cher Lloyd

Anyone who watched/followed this years season of the X-Factor, the hit UK singing competition that sparked the career of Leona Lewis, than this post will hold nothing new. For those of you who don’t, I’d like to introduce you to Cher Lloyd. I have been meaning to do this post since the show ended, but better late than never.

Cher Lloyd is the 17 year old from Malvern who finished fourth this year in the shows competition. You may be wondering why I would even shed some light on her if she is not even the winner, but after you see her undeniable swagger and attitude will tell you why.
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Performance Corner: Rihanna

Last night Rihanna made her second appearance in two months on the hit UK show The X-Factor. A few weeks ago she performed ‘Only Girl’, which was a good job vocally, but have 0 stage presence. Rihanna seemed to work a little magic on the AMA’s, but vocally it really wasn’t up to par.

Her performance last night finally showed some promise from the Bajan superstar. Performing her smash hit ‘What’s My Name’ Rihanna not only nailed the vocals, but added some attitude and stage presence, making it her best performance to date.

Being as popular as she it it’s about time she got her act together on stage. While she will never be able to perform at the magnitude of other stars like Justin Timberlake or Beyonce, it will make her music more enjoyable knowing that she can successfully perform a live rendition of the song.
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Performance Corner: Rihanna’s On Point

Since the SNL performance of ‘Only Girl’ was so bad I wanted to wait for the X- Factor performance instead. I don’t know what happened to Rihanna from last night until today, but I’m glad it happened. Vocally she did great on this performance, making it much easier to watch than last nights fiasco.

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Performance Corner: Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole made her much anticipated performance on the X-Factor this evening, marking the first televised performance of ‘Promise This’. Almost a year ago Cheryl did the same thing with her debut song ‘Fight For This Love’. The songs national performance could not come at a better time with the single being released digitally in the UK this week. With her album being released on Novemeber 1st it was time to begin some major promotion.

The song should have no problem having a sweet debut this week on the chart because Cheryl nailed it. The performance mirrored the music video, Continue reading

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