Poll: Best #1 Song of the Year

This year alone there have been 10 number 1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100. While reading the list I started to wonder which song made the most impact on the public. Achieving a number 1 song is a high honor that some artist never achieve.

The poll is only compiled with the song that topped the Billboard Hot 100. There are plenty of songs that topped the Pop, R&B, Rap, and Country charts that were not included. I’ll save those songs for another poll so vote for the song that you feel was the best number 1.

Feel free to say the song that you loved the most this year in the comment section.

Performance Corner: ‘Karaoke’- Drake

Drake performed this past week at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, and brought everyone imaginable out for the show. Some fan footage has been put onto youtube, and originally I was going to post his collaboration with Jay-Z , ‘Light Up’, but I found something that I believe to be better.

‘Karaoke’ was a slow burner for me. Drakes album was full of so many songs that I overlooked ‘Karaoke’ when I first got the album. As time went on the song started to make an impact on me. Currently it is one of my favorite tracks from the album, and I had to watch the performance from Continue reading

Bruno Stays On Top!

For the second consecutive week ‘Just The Way You Are’ is number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Bruno better watch out though because Far East Movement is rising fast. ‘Like a G6’ slides from 10 to 6 this week and is currently number 2 on itunes beating out Bruno. The band has also seen a increase in radio play with the song being one of the greatest airplay gainers this week. If Far East Movement keeps it up than it won’t be long until they achieve their first number 1.
Continue reading

Zac Brown Band Conquers!

This last week has been another tight race for the number 1 album in the country between Maroon 5 and Zac Brown Band. Once again country fans proved themselves to be loyal with Zac Brown Band coming out on top with 153,000 copies sold. This is great news for the group as it is their first chart topper, but this bad news for Maroon 5. Their third album ‘Hands All Over’ debuted at number 2 with 142,000 copies sold. This is upsetting since their last album, ‘It Won’t Be Soon Before Long’, debuted at number 1 with 429,00 copies sold. With no big single before the albums release I am not surprised by this.

Linkin Park falls to number 3 after debuting at number 1 last Continue reading

Eminem Announces New Single

Eminem is set to drop his new video tomorrow for the theirs single from his album ‘Recovery’. ‘No Love’, his collaboration with Lil Wayne, is a great choice for a single. The was song was standout on his album and the timing is perfect. After the success of ‘Not Afraid’ and ‘Love The Way You Lie’ Eminem has just as much radio support as he did in the early 2000’s. Dropping radio hit will allow the album to get even bigger than it already has.
Lil Wayne always has a lot of buzz surrounding him, but since his jail sentence is almost up his prescence his been desired now more than ever. ‘No Love’ is even better than ‘Drop The World’, which was the last Continue reading

‘G.R.I.N.D.’- Asher Roth

Rating: B+
Asher Roth experienced some minor success with his runaway hit ‘I Love College’ back in early 2009. As a popular mixtape artist his debut album underperformed and only spawned one hit. ‘I Love College’ presented Asher as a college party boy that had nothing better to rap about than drinking. Sadly the song allowed people to have a false view of him because Asher is much deeper than that. ‘G.R.I.N.D.’ is the first single from his sophmore album and is out to prove that Asher is much more than a party animal. Continue reading

Remix: ‘Holding You Down’- Jazmine Sullivan feat. Mary J Blige & Swizz Beatz

Even though the remix came out a few weeks ago I wanted to post it after doing the review of ’10 Seconds’. It was recently announced that Jazmine and Mary were going on tour together, which was the perfect reason to get them on a track together. In many ways Jazmine is a young Mary, singing from her soul, so putting the two of them on a track strengthens their similarities even more.

The remix is actual better than the original, and I think Continue reading

‘Please Don’t Go’- Mike Posner

Rating: B

After the success of the hit song ‘Cooler Than Me’ Mike Posner seemed to disappear for a while. It was announced back in August that ‘Please Don’t Go’ was the second official single, but there seemed to be no movement after that. His album fell down the Billboard Top 200 after debuting in the Top 10, so I assumed that the project was dead. I was pleasantly surprised  to find ‘Please Don’t Go’ enter the top 200 on the itunes store. The song appears to be a slow burner and will hopefully repeat the success of ‘Cooler Than Me’.

The song was co-produced by Mike Posner and Benny Blanco. The beat has a heavy pop sound, but does not exactly follow the techno trend. The song starts out quiet, but Continue reading

Kanye’s Set!

Last week I noted how I was surprised that Def Jam had both Rihanna and Kanye West releasing albums on the same day since they are two of Def Jams biggest artist. Thankfully the label has come to their senses and Kanye West announced today that he will be releasing his fifth studio album on November 22nd.

Kanye’s last album, ‘808’s and Heartbreak’ was released on the same week in 2008. The week of black friday is always one of the biggest weeks for record sales. Considering the buzz Continue reading

Release Me Tuesday

Looks like I was wrong, ‘Right Through Me’ seems to be the real deal as it was released to itunes today! The song really grew on me over the weekend, and I think it will be an infectious radio track. Releasing it to itunes was smart, because ‘Check It Out’ isn’t exactly blowing up the radio or sales charts. Right through me could potentially be the song that Nicki needs.

Bruno Mars released ‘Grenade’ this week as well. As I said in the songs review, this would be a great second single so I am hoping that his team will make the announcement sometime this week. His album is dropping next tuesday so this is the perfect way to get people more interested in his project.

Gucci Mane’s new album, ‘Georgias Most Wanted’ is also in stores today. It looks like Continue reading

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