Billboard Update

Once again the Billboard charts were refreshed this morning, and here is a quick list of all the significant moves that have happened.

Sidenote: I feel like a different record is being broken every week this year. With each broken record comes the realization that we are in a changing industry. But what’s more admirable that the broken record is the person who originally set it. You need to consider that fact that most of these records were set in a time with no digital records, and that makes a huge difference.

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Quick Notes: Billboard

A few things happened on the Billboard charts this week, so I decided that I’m going to make a quick run down of all the things that I think matter.

Remember to check out all the charts when the are posted online tomorrow. And if you really love music you should get into the habit of checking every week. Whether you want to admit it or not, Billboard is really all that matters to most labels, so it would be in you best interest to see how you favorite artists are doing.

Here’s the run down:
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Billboard Update

As expected, Adele notches her seventh week at number 1 on the Hot 100. ‘Rolling in the Deep’ gained another 1% of audience impressions this week, bringing the song to 153 million audience impressions. Honestly, even with ‘Moves Like Jagger’ shooting to number 1 on itunes, Adele will be number 1 again next week. With the massive amount of radio support that increases each week, it’s going to be hard for anyone to dethrone Adele just yet.

The real chart news belongs to Katy Perry, who saw her single ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)’ advance from 31-5, giving Perry her fifth consecutive top 5 single from ‘Teenage Dream’. According to Billboard, the song saw a 259% gain in digital sales, Continue reading

Billboard Update

Adele logs in her sixth week at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song shows no sign of slowing down, gaining 1% in audience impressions this week. ‘Rolling in the Deep’ is a hit on multiple formats, which makes its staying power even stronger. At this rate Adele will not only claim the most successful charting album on the Billboard 200 (10 weeks thus far), but also the most successful single of the year. As of now, ‘Rolling’ is tied with ‘Born This Way’ for longest number 1 of 2011. That will change next week I’m sure.

Nicki Minaj scores her first solo top 10 hit as ‘Super Bass’ moves 11-10 this week. The song makes a huge jump on the radio chart (31-14), and is up 8% in digital sales. Nicki was last seen in the top 10 at number 6 with Trey Songs on ‘Bottoms Up’ and at number 2 with Young Money on ‘Bedrock’. If she still plans on releasing ‘Fly’ as her Continue reading

Billboard: Katy Perry Scores

Katy Perry continues her winning streak as her single “E.T” advances to number 1 this week. The song is Katy’s fourth to land the top spot from her sophomore album Teenage Dream.

I still do not understand why Katy has found so much success. I will admit that she did shine with “Teenage Dream” and “E.T.” is pretty good as well. Aside from those two I do not understand her overall appeal. She’s average at best in my opinion, but the public seems to disagree with me.

Teenage Dream is now one of the 9 albums in history to produce 4 number 1 singles. The last album to do so was Confessions by Usher.
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Nicki Minaj Hits Number 1

Nicki Minaj can finally rejoice as her debut album, Pink Friday, reached number 1 on the Billboard 200 this week. The album, which debuted 11 weeks ago, sold 45,000 this week, showing a 18% increase. While the number is low the fact that she is gaining sales in this type of climate is very impressive.

Furthermore, the album pushes past one million copies this week selling 1,035,000 since it’s release. Some of you may remember that the album was certified platinum as few weeks ago, but that represents number of shipments rather than records actually sold.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Nicki is the top Continue reading

The Numbers Are In…

The weekly album sale numbers are in, and it’s not looking too good for some people. Taylor Swift, yet again, has returned to the top spot selling 259,000 copies of ‘Speak Now’. The album is currently the third best seller of the year, and at this point there’s no way for her to win, so congrats to Eminem for having the top selling album of the year.

Susan Boyle continues to sell with her album, ‘The Gift’, moving 254,000 copies. The new Michael Jackson album, ‘Michael’, debuts with 228,000 copies at number 3. It looks Continue reading

End of Year Charts: Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs

This was the chart that actually made me upset. Not because of what songs where on the list (all of these deserve to be there), but looking at this list in relation to the Grammy nominations is a sad ordeal.

Just to get it out the way, I said in my Grammy post that I thought it was nuts that Alicia Keys did not get a nomination for ‘Unthinkable’, and now seeing that the song is the number 1 R&B song of the Year, I think my concern is justified.
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End of the Year Charts: Hot 100

With the end of the year only three weeks away it’s time for the year end charts to be coming out. Billboard revealed the end of the year charts today, and I was surprised by some of the results.

The results are  drawn up from the amount of airplay and digital sales that a song has sold over the year. So keep that in mind as you read the list before you get angry.

Since my Grammy features went over so well I am going to Continue reading

Katy Perry Hits #1, The Hot 100 Continues to Spin

Katy Perry achieves her third consecutive number 1 as her song ‘Fireworks’ moves from number 2 to 1 this week. ‘Fireworks’ marks the sixth song in 6 weeks to hit number 1, making the penthouse spot a revolving door.

‘We R Who We R’ was followed by ‘Whats My Name’, who was replaces by ‘Like A G6’. That song was kicked out by ‘Only Girl (In The World)’ who was moved by ‘Raise You Glass’, which brings us to this week.

This is just further proof to the industry changing. With digital singles becoming a stronger influence on singles charting, there is no telling what will happen anymore. Continue reading

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