Kanye Strikes Again and Again

2011 continues to baffle me unexpected twist and turns in the music world. It was announced to that Kanye West release another album this summer. You heard right, another album.

While some people are going to find the new exciting, I honestly am skeptical about it. Kanye delivered a near perfect album with My Beautiful Continue reading

Kanye Wants To Work With Bieber Again

Justin Biebers manager announed this week that Kanye West has showed some interest in producing tracks for the teen stars brand new album. The duo previously worked on a remix to Biebers song ‘Runaway Love’ back in August.

You can say what you want about Kanye, but you can’t deny that the guy knows what he’s doing. By teaming with the biggest teen star right now there is no doubt that Kanye will push his popularity even further.
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Kanye Talks ‘Watch The Throne’ Release

Kanye West has got the Internet buzzing after announcing that his joint album with Jay-Z, ‘Watch The Throne’, will be released in a week. Making the announcement at the Marquee club opening on New Years Eve raises a lot of questions, but also excitement.

What’s crazy is that it seems that the album will be released with no promotion, yet I think it will work. When has Kanye ever Continue reading

What’s Going On With Kanye?

After releasing his critically acclaimed album, ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’, things seemed to have been quiet on the Kanye front.

Nicki Minaj, who released her debut album ‘Pink Friday’ on the same day, has been promoting the album non-stop with multiple interviews and performances since the release date. Kanye on the other hand has kept to himself, steering clear from the late night promotions, resulting in the album falling out of the top 10 last week.
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For those of you in Chicago…..

I thought of this song walking back from work…..

Random post I know, but this weather is nuts right now. This song has nothing to with winter than the line “Coldest Winter” but still…

Even though its repetitive I’ve always loved this Kanye song.

Do you?

Quick Sales Update

Shopping in Cincinnati, Ohio last night and I wanted to find out who was selling the most this week at that store. I was pretty lucky because the store attendants gave me the exact numbers of the top two albums and shed some light on an interesting aspect of the buisness.

If this store is any indication of the rest of the country than we can expect Kanye West to come in at number 1. Apparently Kanye has sold 71 copies of his album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ since Monday. Right behind him is Nicki Minaj with 54 copies. The numbers don’t come as much of a surprise considering the star power of each artist, but Nicki was given the number 1 album slot in the store which threw me off.
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Understanding a ‘Twisted Fantasy’

I have to admit that I approached the new Kanye West album cautiously. If you read this blog you know I am a fan of his work, but I had a bad feeling about this album. My main reasoning, the singles.

The chart performance of each of these singles are respectable, but after their digital release weeks they’d fall quickly down the charts. The radio was not showing him too much love this go around. I was confused because this wasn’t Continue reading

How Much?: Kanye West

Kanye West has proved yet again that he can create a work of art among a life crisis. ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ has been receiving rave reviews from the critics, most noticeably Pitchfork. The album has earned the coveted rating of 10.0, a feat that has not occurred in the past 8 years.

With an album that is being widely accepted as perfection, the pressure is on for the first week sales. Even though the album is getting positive reviews non of its singles has seen massive success. After hearing the album though I realized that it’s not meant to be taken apart. The album is meant to be heard in full, so I’m not upset that none of the singles hit the top 10.
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The Perfect Storm

Finally the week of Black Friday is upon us, bringing one of the busiest weeks for releases in music this year. I like to refer to this as The Perfect Storm because I have a feel that it is going to be pretty unpredictable. So I’m wondering which albums you are going to be buying this week, or what albums you’d like to get. This is the biggest shopping week of the year, so I assume that most of you will be going out to shop, and hopefully buying music too! Considering that some of them have leaked I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you have downloaded them already. Also, considering all of the other albums that have been released you may be wanting to buy one Continue reading

The Vault: ‘Street Lights’

With finals week consuming me I have been listening to a lot of low key music to keep myself from wandering. Slow song play a key role in every finals week for me, so I wanted to mention one song that I really have forgotten about until recently.

Kanye West released ‘808 and Heartbreak’ back in 2008. While a lot of his fans were angry with the album I actually loved it. I thought that it was a genuine representation of where Kanye was in his life at that time. While there were clear cut radio songs on the album, the best tracks were those that were not. Continue reading

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